Homemade slimming wraps - recipes and examples

Wrapping is one of the most accessible, popular and modern cosmetic procedures. Initially, the process was used to combat cellulite. Until now, discussions are underway, from which the volumes disappear - by reducing the fat layer or leaving the liquid. Who needs wrapping and which zones to wrap Wraps are shown both for weight loss and to reduce the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks, scars.

How to make an ombre on light and dark hair

Many girls are concerned about how to make ombre hair dye at home? Ombre assumes the achievement of an unusual effect when the hair near the root zone retains its natural shade, and starting from the middle of the length, the tone changes to a lighter one. Precautionary measures To eliminate unpleasant consequences, carefully approach the choice of coloring agents.

How to clean burnt jam from the pan

On the shelves of stores a large assortment of jams and other variations of berry dessert, but nothing can be compared with homemade jam. It is much more useful, because the hostess knows exactly what she put in jars. The process of making jam does not present any difficulties, but it is worth a moment to be distracted, and the sugar syrup is already stuck to the bottom of the pan.

How to get rid of the smell in the closet with clothes

Has it ever happened that a faint smell suddenly appeared in the closet, as if several families were living in an apartment, and a mold that infects clothes? Why there is a musty smell in the closet Before you start cleaning, find out the cause of the problem. Dust Mites These microorganisms are invisible to the naked eye, but cause many problems.

Pancreatic Diet for Pancreas

Observing the strictest diet for pancreatitis of the pancreas is the key to successful treatment and speedy recovery. The diet of the patient consists of useful and gentle food. Alcohol, salty, spicy, fatty and fried foods have no place in it. And disregard for the recommendations of the doctor is fraught with consequences and complications.

Pearl barley - the benefits and harm, what cereal, popular recipes

Barley contains a lot of nutrients, but is it possible to use this product for children, sick people and women during pregnancy? It is important to realize the harm and benefits of barley for the body. Harm and contraindications Even healthy products are harmful to health if used improperly. To get the maximum benefit, you need to use barley hot.