How many calories to eat per day to lose weight

Not everyone who dreams of a beautiful and slim body knows and uses the method of counting calories of food consumed. Using this method in practice, you can eat with little or no restrictions, but in moderation.

The correct calculation of calories for weight loss for women

Calculated calories based on the nature of life. Below I will give one of the options for women:

ActivityLifestyleAge category, yearsCalorie menu, kcal
Lack of activity, sedentary.19-252000
Moderate activity, there are physical activities, visiting the gym 1 2 times a week.19-252200
Active sports, increased activity.19-302400

Also, daily calculations can be carried out according to the following algorithm:

№1.Weight in kilograms multiplied by 10.
№2.Grow in centimeters multiply by 6.25.
№3.Add the data you received as a result of the first two calculations in points 1 and 2.
№4.Age in years multiply by 5.
№5.From the resulting value in paragraph 3, subtract the figure from point 4.
№6.From the value of item number 5 subtract 161.
№7.The figure from point number 6 multiply by the coefficient of physical activity:
✓ Low activity ☞1,2
✓ Average activity ☞1,38
✓ Medium load ☞1,46
✓ Intensive training1,55
✓ Daily classes ☞1,64
✓ Workout twice a day ☞1,73
✓ Physical activity in combination with physical work ☞1,9

This will be the number of calories that is optimal for your body.

If you want to lose weight quite a bit, the following calculation option will do.

Take a piece of paper, a calculator and record the weight you want to achieve. Then multiply your ideal figure by the coefficient of physical activity, which you see below:

  • 27 - if you move a little, and work is not connected with physical activity;
  • 29 - sometimes you play sports or go to the gym;
  • 34 - regularly visit the gym or swimming pool;
  • 37 - workouts are intense and daily;
  • 42 - if you spend a lot of energy at work or workout last more than 4 hours a day.

Perhaps this option is the most successful, as rapid weight loss with high weight (obesity) often causes the omission of internal organs, sagging of the skin, the formation of folds.

Calculating slimming men

For representatives of the stronger sex, there are separate methods of calculation, together with those that I considered above. But in the step-by-step algorithm (see in the previous section) instead of subtracting the number 161, you have to add on 5. Everything else is unchanged.

If you do not want to bother with calculations, use the proposed table.

ActivityLifestyleAge category, yearsCalorie menu, kcal
Lack of activity, sedentary.19-302400
Moderate activity, there are physical activities, visiting the gym 1 2 times a week.19-302600-2800
Active sports, increased activity.19-303000

Calorie calculations can be done in an online calculator or a mobile application, where you enter your indicators of weight, height, age. The program will display the data in seconds.

We attach a lot of importance to what we eat, but what we drink also has calories. Men are big fans of beer and sweet soda. And if a woman can say no to herself, then a man without a thought will drink a can of favorite beer or cola before going to bed.

Among the nutritional drinks and natural juices: one of the leaders in calories is considered tomato. Those who love fruit juices, nutritionists recommend diluting them with water.

Do not forget about coffee and tea. These are not very high-calorie drinks, but in addition with milk, sugar, toppings, cream with regular use can have the opposite effect. Often, tea drinking goes into a full meal, because it is difficult to resist and not eat at least one cookie, candy, donut. Therefore, if you drink coffee or tea, try to restrict yourself to the drink itself.

How to calculate the number of calories per day for teenagers 14-16 years

Gastroenterologists and nutritionists do not recommend imposing strict food restrictions on adolescents for a simple reason: their bodies are still growing and their hormones are unstable. If health problems appear against the background of overweight, then counting calories can improve the situation painlessly.

The procedure for a growing body is not difficult, as nutritionists have done it for us. With normal development and sufficient activity, adolescent girls aged 14–16 should consume no more than 2500 calories per day, and boys should consume no more than 3000 calories. If, in this diet, there is an excess weight, after consulting a doctor, you can gradually reduce calories:

  • For girls - 1800.
  • For the guys - 2200.

It will be a safe solution for keeping fit and well-being.

An exemplary full menu of up to 1500 calories per day for women

A diet of 1500 calories makes it possible to get rid of extra pounds and lose weight, if it is combined with physical exertion. Below I will present an exemplary menu, adhering to which you will reach the goal and will be able to lose weight.

BreakfastPorridge on the water, 1 toast and black coffee.35030 minutes before a meal, drink a glass of water. After 1 hour, drink a glass of water.
LunchComes through an hour and a half after the first breakfast. On the menu: tea without sugar and a few nuts. You can eat some cottage cheese.150After 30 minutes after eating, drink 1 glass of water, then you can work out (about half an hour). And drink another glass of water half an hour after exercise.
DinnerA portion of porridge and a piece of meat or fish, steamed or boiled. You can add vegetable salad, seasoned with lemon juice and olive oil.450An hour after lunch - 1 glass of water.
Afternoon teaLow-fat first course with a slice of black bread.250In an hour - 1 glass of water.
DinnerIn the menu steamed vegetables.200Traditionally - a glass of water in an hour.
Second dinnerA glass of low-fat kefir.100An hour before bedtime - 1 glass of water.

The following tips will help in keeping the diet:

  1. Do not skip breakfast. This is a pledge of energy for the whole day. The first meal can consist of nutritious foods: eggs, cheese, dried fruits and nuts, milk, meat.
  2. Lunch should also be on schedule: meat or fish in combination with vegetables and cereals will provide lightness and satiety until the next meal.
  3. The last meal is four hours before bedtime.
  4. Snacks between meals are allowed. This avoids overeating. For snacks, tea, honey.
  5. During the day, you need to drink about 2 liters of water.
  6. Do not eat junk food, take it with you on the road or to work. The most useful food is the one that is cooked at home.
  7. Do not overeat.

An exemplary full menu of up to 2000 calories per day for men

In books on nutrition or on websites you can find a lot of different menus for 2000 calories, and I offer several of them.

Menu number 1.

  1. Breakfast: a glass of warm milk with a spoon of honey and a bun.
  2. Lunch: tea, a few slices of black bread with butter and greens.
  3. Lunch: vegetable soup, a piece of boiled dietary meat, a couple of potatoes, fruit salad, seasoned with lemon juice and sugar.
  4. Lunch: tomato juice or a few tomatoes and crackers.
  5. Dinner: a few slices of black bread with butter and herbs.

Menu number 2.

  1. Breakfast: tea with black bread.
  2. Lunch: a glass of kefir with a slice of black bread.
  3. Lunch: broth, a piece of boiled fish, some potatoes with greens, a salad of green vegetables.
  4. Dinner: a glass of milk with a slice of black bread and honey.

What do nutritionists say about counting calories

According to nutritionists, any diet and dietary restrictions should be commensurate with lifestyle and health. Sharp rejection of the previous diet leads to significant stress for the body, it can become a trigger for various diseases. If you decide to eat calories, reach the goal gradually.

EXAMPLE! Plans to consume no more than 1800 calories per day. Today, the diet has a caloric content of 3000 units with a sedentary lifestyle. So, in the first stage, reduce it by 300-400 calories. After a few weeks, you can impose restrictions already on 600-800. Within 1.5-2 months, the diet will come to the desired calorie content. The results of the effort also will not go unnoticed.

Nutritionists do not recommend imposing significant dietary restrictions on adolescents, as their bodies are still developing. Any diet for children and adolescents is relevant only in the case when it requires a state of health.

Nutritionists are also in favor of proper distribution of calories and the frequency of food intake.

  1. There are 5-6 times a day. At the same time, three are the main ones, and a few more are additional snacks.
  2. The interval between meals should be at least 2 hours.
  3. If the schedule is tight and saturated, you can determine the meal hours yourself.
  4. The most high-calorie (nutritious) foods are recommended to be consumed in the morning. The evening menu should consist of the most "light" products.

Useful tips and interesting information

If you are tuned to real results, consider the following practical tips.

  • Many people overestimate the level of their loads and physical activity, therefore, as a result of individual calorie counting, not quite correct data is obtained. Calculations according to the formula is better to underestimate than to overestimate.
  • Do not forget to weigh portions. At first, it is difficult to clearly assess the value. If you know the weight of the dish, you can accurately record the number of calories consumed. Otherwise, the method is ineffective.
  • Treat calorie count with all thoroughness. Always add even those calories that are contained in sauces, juices, coffee. Only a strict calculation will lead to the desired result.

Nutritionists focus on food quality. Cooking products must be fresh. The diet is balanced: the optimal combination of fat, protein and carbohydrates. Otherwise, instead of losing weight, get health problems.

Do not forget that a healthy diet provides for seasonal fruits and vegetables, a lot of greenery, foods enriched with fiber. Of the meat products focus on dietary types - beef, rabbit meat, turkey. Seafood enriched with OMEGA-3 and OMEGA-6 acids will be suitable for fish.

The menu for the week can be developed in advance. It makes it easy to weigh each meal or food with calories. So it will be easier to adhere to the new power system, and avoid monotony.

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