What to give to a friend and girlfriend for the New Year

The coming of the New Year 2019 brings not only joy, but also care. You need to remember to buy fresh fir or get an artificial tree, think over the menu, make a guest list and, of course, buy presents. Searching for presents usually takes a lot of time. In addition, I want to save money and make a person happy. In order not to be mistaken, pay attention to the hobbies, age and profession of a person. Then the recipient will be as nice as the donor.

List of inexpensive and original gifts

New Year is a way to remind a friend about how much she means to a person, so a thing with a joint or memorable photo will be a good option. Among the necessary and beautiful things that are suitable as a gift for the New Year 2019:

  • Pillow with one picture or collage.
  • Smartphone case with selfie.
  • Diary with a photo on the cover and wishes for every day.

In addition to photos, motivating phrases can be written. The following things will come up with a quote printed on them:

  • Pencil case.
  • Case for phone or tablet.
  • Cup.
  • Stationery set.

Among the necessary and inexpensive things that are not ashamed to give a new year's eve:

  • A set of glasses or glasses.
  • Fortune cookies.
  • USB flash drive or hard disk.
  • A large set of tea for every day in the coming year.

Hobby Gift Ideas

Depending on your hobbies, you can choose a useful and pleasant option:

  • A creative person will be pleased to receive a notebook or an album with thick paper for quick sketches. Addition to it will be a set of pencils with different stiffness.
  • For the needlewoman fit blank or set with ribbons or beads. The glue gun will be more expensive. It is useful to any DIY lover. In the kit you can put something tasty.
  • Who likes to cook, do not mind getting a decorated set of mittens, oven gloves and an apron. You can also donate a cookbook.

Ideas for professions

The employment of a friend in a certain area can also help with a choice.

  • Those who often use the computer for work, you can give a flash drive with an unusual shape or with the inscription.
  • For businesswomen, suitings from a diary and pens or a notebook and highlaters are suitable.
  • If a woman spends a lot of time behind the wheel, choose a beautiful cover for the steering wheel or a comfortable seat cushion with a massage or heated.
  • A lady who pays attention to jewelry will appreciate a case with drawers where you can store rings, earrings and a necklace.
  • The one who travels a lot, a clean globe will do. A friend will mark the city and country where she has already visited.

Gift Ideas by Age

1-7 yearsStuffed animals, doll, sweets, educational games.For girls at that age, it is better not to invent a gift than developing fine motor skills or memory games, cute animals or dolls.
7-10 yearsBook, handbag or cosmetic bag, small toy or key chain.At this age it is best to focus on the interests of the girl. However, expensive or too children's gifts are better not to give.
11-18 years oldCover for phone or tablet, passport cover, small mirror, office.Teen is difficult to choose a gift. It is best to ask the girl what she would like.
18-25 years oldHousehold items, Christmas tree decorations or home decorations.In student years, it is better to buy inexpensive, but useful gifts.
25-35 years oldInterior items, flower or fruit basket.It is worth repelling from the interests of an adult woman.
35-45 years oldThe lamp on the table, a statuette or a series of books.You should not get something pretentious, it is better to turn to the simple and elegant.
Over 50 yearsAlbum for photos, a pot for plants, a tea pot or a blanket.At this age, care is most appreciated, so it is best to choose a gift with love.

Best gifts for a friend

Men are less biased towards gifts, but this is not a reason to give them socks or shower gel.

Cheap and original options

Young people appreciate practicality, so choose the useful, and not the richly decorated gifts. Among such gifts:

  • Tool storage box.
  • Case for phone.
  • Set of screwdrivers.
  • Belt bag.
  • Chain.
  • Alcohol.

Hobby gifts

The gift can be picked up, based on how a friend spends leisure time.

  • Those who are engaged in drawing, you can give a bag for canvases or a mobile easel.
  • Fans of computer games will love the mouse with a pattern, the volume pad with a comfortable wrist lining or the backlit keyboard.
  • A man who watches health will appreciate the fitness bracelet.
  • An amateur can read a gift box for books.

Choosing gifts by profession

The profession can also tell what to buy as a present.

  • Give the driver a navigator, a convenient cover on the chair with a massage or a set of flavors for the car.
  • A businessman will like a set of writing accessories or a desktop stand.
  • Office workers will not give up the original calendars for the coming year.
  • Young people who spend a lot of time with a laptop, you can buy a stand that allows the unit to cool.

Gifts by age

1-7 yearsCars, robots or a set of soldiers.A gift for a baby should be entertaining.
7-10 yearsBooks, controlled by remote cars or airplanes.After school, the boy will surely want to drive an automated toy with his friends.
11-18 years oldItems for gamers, clothes with the attributes of your favorite game or musical group.The main thing is to be sure that a person is interested in topics.
18-25 years oldOffice, medium-sized memorabiliaSome enroll in educational institutions, where stationery is indispensable. Others go to the army, so they will be pleased to take with them something reminiscent of the house.
25-35 years oldDrill, tool box, comfortable seat cover in the car.Men start a family, move to a new home. Therefore, they will need tools.
35-45 years oldBelt, diplomat, set for stationery on the table.It is best to turn to the interests of the person, then the gift will be useful.

Universal gifts for the New Year 2019

Next year, good luck will bring attributes with pigs, because the year of the Yellow Earth Pig is coming. Small memorable sets or figures will become an inexpensive and pleasant gift. For example, you can present a statuette or piggy bank with a gold hog. It will bring good luck and financial well-being. Suitable flower pots, clocks, table lamps and other gizmos with plump pink pigs. Universal option - gift certificates. They will give a chance to choose what exactly he wants.

What gifts to do with your own hands

If a person can knit or embroider, you can give hand-made mittens, a scarf, a hat or a picture. Flowers or trees embroidered with ribbons look beautiful and original. In the New Year you can make Christmas toys. To do this, use the technique of papier-mâché or independently invent an unusually decorated star. It will be interesting to look New Year's topiary with a small Christmas tree, decorated with coffee beans. Recently, popular are bombs for the bath and handmade soap. They are easy to cook at home.

What you should not give to a friend or girlfriend

Nightmarish gifts for the ladies will be:

  • Matched without taste or not in size clothing.
  • Cheap cosmetics.
  • Underwear.
  • Perfume

These items are individual and require approval from the future owner, so they may not like it if the thing does not fit.

Young people should not give:

  • Gift sets for the shower.
  • Sneakers or other shoes.
  • Socks.
  • Figurines, vases and other decorative items.

Useful tips

The most important thing is not to buy something cheap and unnecessary. This will be considered an insult. Before making a purchase, ask yourself a question, it would be my pleasure to receive such a gift. If the answer is no, it is better to refuse it. After all, the donor himself will be embarrassed if he does not please a friend or girlfriend. Too expensive gifts are also not worth buying, as they oblige to return expenses. This can depress a person, especially if his financial situation does not allow him to acquire something for the same high price.

Buying gifts for the New Year is a matter that requires effort, but if a person presents something that corresponds to the wishes of another, the recipient will want to answer the same. Yes, and the donor himself will feel comfortable, knowing that his surprise looks decent compared to others. Unnecessary or overdone gift, on the contrary, will offend. Then with full confidence we can say that next year you should not expect a good thing.

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