How to learn to dance lezginka at home

Lezginka is a folk dance of the indigenous people of the Caucasus, the embodiment of the national culture. Passionate, magical movements to incendiary music, lively emotions and a confident look of a man, gentle movements of a girl: all this constitutes the uniqueness of the Lezghins magical action.

Lezginka differences in different nations

In addition to the classical version of the lezginka, there are a number of dances, somewhat different from the traditional:

  • Chechen;
  • Karachay dance;
  • Islamey Kabardians;
  • Three-pair Ossetian Lezginka.

The main difference in variations lies in the rhythm of the performed movements. For example, in the Chechen lezginka performers like "tear", "throw" and "ignite", but the Ossetians show character more calmly and smoothly.

Having passed a long way of existence from its origins to today, the lezginka managed to remain true to the traditions and preserve the original look. The sense of tact is imparted to Caucasians from early childhood, therefore even among young men there are many talented performers who perfectly master the art of folk dance.

Many Russian boys and girls also strive to achieve mastery of lezginka. There are several effective ways to quickly learn folk dance at home, as well as a number of mandatory rules that must be read by all novice dancers.

What you need to know for beginners

Anyone can learn lezginka, ready to thoroughly and responsibly approach the process. Before you start learning you need to know what the foundations laid in the dance. So, moving from one position to another, one can reach certain heights in the art of dancing.

Correct posture is more than half of the future success in the study of Caucasian lezginka. The first task of all choreographers is to "overcome" the habit of beginners to slouch. It is an even and beautiful back that acts as a kind of "highlight" of a lezginka.

A person’s eyes can determine his spiritual condition, reveal feelings and experiences that he is experiencing at the moment. So in lezginka attention is paid to close attention. The resourceful Caucasian guys even developed a “language of sight”, with the help of which they demonstrate an interest in the chosen one in dance. This way of “secret communication” is different for boys and girls: if a man must express the strengths of his character, directing his gaze directly into the partner’s eyes, then for girls, on the contrary, it is customary to hold on modestly and look away.

The movements of the hands are in Lezginka about seven basic positions, which are supplemented by the variants of statements and forms in the process of the action.

For the legs, there are three types of basic movements, each of which requires detailed and thorough study in all nuances:

  • Simple, single type "kovyryalki."
  • "Typical" - for example, a cascade in solo performance.
  • Special step.

The emotionality of dance is also the basis of a lezginka, the sincere performance of which brings pleasure not only to the audience, but also to the dancer. A wide smile, burning eyes and passionate heart - this is what every "participant" of the dance action should see and feel.

Video lesson

Preparation and precautions

For training it is important to have a good level of physical fitness. The crushing rhythm of a lezginka in combination with acrobatic elements does not turn out to be easy for everyone.

However, do not be afraid ahead of time, anyone can master the art, even on their own. The main thing is to stock up with high-quality teaching material, choose rhythmic music and pick up comfortable shoes. You will also need a large mirror in front of which movements will be honed.

Before a new lesson, it is important to conduct thorough training, consisting of warm-ups and warming up muscles. Constant and diligent training, self-control and discipline, even at home, will lead to the desired goal - mastering the skills of Caucasian dance art.

Beginner Lessons

For guys

Lezginka guys can express masculinity, vehemence and invincibility. No wonder the Caucasian dance was originally performed by the warriors. And still there is a separate type of performance, where only men take part.

WayDescriptionThe effectiveness of the method (pros and cons)
Taking a paid course of study with a groupThis method of training involves group lessons with a professional choreographer.The advantages of this method of training are intensive training with a competent teacher. Organization of a convenient schedule of classes, the opportunity to ask a question to the instructor during the dance process, to communicate with interested people.
Usually, such groups recruit 8-10 participants, which excludes chances for individual communication with the choreographer. He will not be able to pay attention to each team member for 1.5-2 hours of training. And the cost of courses is quite high.
Individual sessionsAn individual approach to learning from an experienced choreographer.This method of learning to dance lezginka most effective, but at a cost comes a large amount, which can not afford everyone.
Friendly ActivitiesYou can ask to teach a good friend to dance, who owns the art of dance, and better - the representative of the peoples of the Caucasus.This is the easiest and most comfortable way to learn, because classes can be arranged at home for free or for a symbolic gratitude to a friend. However, not all are the lucky ones in the circle of acquaintances who have a real Caucasian. In addition, practical skills acquired in the process of home schooling will differ from those that can be obtained from the pros.
Video tutorials, online trainingThis method involves conducting dance classes on their own through DVDs or online video lessons.Learning to dance lezginka using video materials is a difficult process, because no one will point out any mistakes, there is no opportunity to ask a question about the technique of performing a particular movement. You need to have self-discipline and efficiency in order to fully devote yourself to the lessons.
"Joint" training with friendsYou can join together a group of interested friends to “overcome” all the difficulties of the learning process.The probability of recruiting a friendly team, unfortunately, is not too high. If possible, comradely support, joint work on mistakes, the ability to practice “feel” the power of the “sign language” of the Caucasian people - all this will play a positive role in honing the skills. But, you will remain at the amateur level. And to gather a large group will have to rent a room, which will require cash expenditures.

However, over time, girls began to enter the dance pattern. Thus, the pair dance option appeared, where women perform not only choreographic etudes and pas, but also play a role in the whole “theatrical” performance of the dance action.

Why is it worth dancing lezginka girls

A Caucasian girl who can masterly dance a lezginka is proud of, in particular, family members. Unlike men, women show themselves more restrained in the dance, but also passionately at the same time - the smooth and light movements of the arms and legs are replaced by rapid sweeps and rhythmic steps.

Learning to lezginka is worth trying for every girl, because dancing is not only a demonstration of talent and an expression of respect for traditions or a manifestation of interest in the cultural heritage of another nation. This is a great way to keep fit, develop flexibility and plasticity.

Lezginka for children

Children can easily learn to dance, so write your child (brother, sister) into a choreographic circle or an ensemble of Caucasian folk dance. In an atmosphere where the true spirit of a lezginka is present, together with the team and under the strict guidance of an experienced trainer, you can achieve the best results.

Why many people prefer to study at home

"Home" conditions are most convenient for comfortable learning:

  • The search for musical accompaniment depends on the taste of the beginning dancer - the main thing is to choose rhythmic music. Sometimes it is enough to set the right pace to start with, just clapping your hands.
  • Many are embarrassed to openly show emotions in public. At home, without any constraint, you can smile broadly, express violent feelings and "shoot" with your eyes in front of a mirror without unauthorized viewers, reinforcing the "acting game" with characteristic movements and gestures.
  • By learning yourself, you can adjust the training schedule for your own mode. It is important to approach the learning process in a disciplined way, not allowing yourself to “relax”, because nobody can control absenteeism.
  • "Home-based" training eliminates the cash costs of the services of professional choreographers; all the necessary information can be obtained from video tutorials in which they will tell in detail and step-by-step about the technique of performing lezginka.

Useful tips and interesting information

Lezginka is not only a combination of beautiful movements and an insane rhythm, but also a great way to keep the body in good physical shape, the ability to tone up muscles and organs, prolong youth and recharge your batteries.

Each beginning dancer from the first lessons will be able to note:

  • Improving mood and feeling of cheerfulness. Many people start the morning not with charging, but with the performance of lezginka. This is becoming a good tradition to not only improve the efficiency of the learning process, but also a good way to “wake up” by receiving a charge of positive energy for the whole day.
  • Beautiful forms and slimness. It has been proved by practice that in 2.5 hours of rhythmic dances with inspiring music, you can lose up to 1 kg of excess weight.
  • Forming a proud posture, which is useful not only for setting the right movements, but also for overall health.
  • The ability to coordinate movements: the acquisition of dexterity and flexibility.
  • The development of grace, plastics and graceful gait - all this helps the muscles to gain elasticity, which significantly reduces the risk of injuries and sprains.
  • Confidence is the key to success in any endeavors. Since the basis of a lezginka is the emotional component, the ability to transmit through the eye the entire bright spectrum of feelings is useful not only for a fascinating performance, but also in ordinary life.

You can learn to dance lezginka yourself, but stock up with all the necessary video and other attributes will be insufficient.

Caucasian dance requires complete commitment, high costs of physical strength, patience and discipline, a great desire to master the art. It is necessary to train and hone not only mastery of movements and a sense of musical tact, but also to develop acting talent in order to merge after a lot of classes with the energy of passionate action.

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