Homemade wine - please yourself, surprise guests!

The ability to make wine at home from the berries or jam - "plus to the force" of any hostess. Often, there is a lot of harvest on the summer cottage and the question arises about its speedy implementation. Fruits and berries grown with great difficulty can easily deteriorate.


Complete several required preparation steps:

  1. Selection of containers. Take the glass jars or bottles with the neck. It is easy to control fermentation through transparent glass, the drink will not acquire extraneous odors. Do not use plastic or aluminum dishes. A product that is in such a container may damage its health when it is used, and during production it will affect the quality - an unpleasant taste and aroma will appear.
  2. Sterilization. This item is required. Before preparation, wash and sterilize thoroughly all the containers and accessories that will be needed, which will eliminate the appearance of bacteria and unpleasant odors.
  3. Berries or jam. If the wine is prepared from jam, the raw material is considered recycled and sterilization is not needed. Fresh berries sort out, overripe or immature fruits spoil the taste and speed up the souring process. Throw away damaged, rotten, moldy - a couple of spoiled fruit can ruin all the work. Washing the berries is not worth it - on their surface live microorganisms necessary for fermentation. If they are with bones, remove them so that bitterness and unusual odor will not appear.

Start cooking. If you make wine for the first time, take a simple recipe and use jam as a raw material, which will allow you to skip the stage of preparation of raw materials and easier to control the sweetness.

Wine from jam at home

Use any jam, even candied. It is possible to mix several species, although this is undesirable. The main thing is that there is no mold. Additional processing is not necessary, but because of the sugared particles, the fermentation process will be faster. The strength of such a drink will be from 10 to 13%.

  • Jam.
  • Boiled water (the amount corresponds to the amount of jam).
  • Raisins - 100-150 grams.
How to cook:

Fill clean, sterilized containers with the necessary components. Stir until uniform throughout the volume. Instead of raisins, you can take fresh grapes, crushing the berries in a container.

Cover the tar with gauze and place in a dark place in a warm room. The temperature for fermentation should not be below 20 degrees. Hide from the light will help dark fabric wrapped around the container. Stir the wort with a wooden spoon for five days. Do not use metal devices.

When the first signs of fermentation appear after 18-20 hours, such as foam, low hiss or sour smell, consider that the process is proceeding correctly.

After five days, remove the risen foam from the undissolved components. Strain the future wine through gauze, folded in several layers, and pour into a clean, dry container.

Fill the bottle is not completely, leave 20% of the total volume of free space. It will gradually fill up with foam and gas resulting from fermentation.

Put on the neck of the container and tightly fix the rubber glove, previously puncturing the hole with a needle in one of the fingers. If you make wine often, use a water seal.

The glove will inflate in 3-4 days. If this does not happen, check the tightness of the jar and the temperature in the room. After lifting the gloves, leave the container alone for a month. Watch the position of the rubber glove. The wort is infused for one to two months, then the glove will drop, the drink will brighten, and a precipitate will appear on the bottom.

Taste the wine, add sugar if necessary. Pour gently without sediment into a clean bottle, seal it tightly and put it in the refrigerator. Serve a wine drink at the table in 2-3 months.

How to make raspberry wine

In terms of sugar content, raspberry is considered to be a dessert, and in its flavor and rich taste it is inferior only to grapes. Wine is made simply, besides all kinds of berries will do.

  • Raspberries - 1 kilogram.
  • Sugar - 500 grams.
  • Boiled water - 1 liter.

Unwashed, but carefully selected berries, grind to a state of liquid puree. On the surface of the raspberry there is a special yeast, they are a catalyst for fermentation.

Before adding sugar and water, place the mass in a sterile container, where the primary fermentation process will take place. Add only 300 grams of sugar, mix, and cover with water.

Put a medical glove on the neck of the bottle, puncturing it. Place the container for 10 days in a dark and warm place. Check and stir the drink daily. After three days, after the start of fermentation, squeeze the berry suspension. In the resulting juice pour sugar syrup: a glass of water and 100 grams of sugar, mix and keep on low heat until dissolved.

After another three days, add the remaining 100 grams of sugar. Then leave the container for 40 days. The glove will deflate, the drink will become transparent, and the sediment will settle down to the bottom. Bottled.

Cherry wine with pits

As mentioned earlier, the bones of the berries are removed in order to avoid the characteristic taste and bitterness, moreover, they contain substances harmful to the body. Preparing a safe and tasty drink requires the right knowledge and precise proportions.

  • Cherry - 1 kilogram.
  • Sugar - 300 grams.
  • Boiled water - 1 liter.

Enumerated and unwashed berries gently knead your hands. Do not damage the bones, otherwise the wine will be bitter! Put the resulting mass in a sterile container, add about 40% granulated sugar of the main amount and fill with water. Mix everything, cover with gauze and place for primary fermentation in a dark warm place. Tara leave for four days, but do not forget to stir twice a day.

Then, strain through several layers of gauze, add a quarter of all the seed and 20% of the sugar from the main amount. Stir the mixture until the sugar is completely dissolved and pour it into fermentation containers. Leave a small portion of the tank empty.

After 4 days, lay another portion of sugar, another 20%.

After a week, filter through gauze, remove the bones. Add the remaining sugar, mix and pour into a clean container.

Wine wanders from a month to two. Then, the glove will be deflated, the wine will brighten, sediment will fall to the bottom. Without stirring, pour the drink. Taste, add sugar if necessary.

Pour the wine into bottles, put in a dark, cold place and forget about it for several months. Filter the liquid as sediment appears and check every 15-20 days.

When the sediment stops appearing, pour the wine into hermetic sterilized bottles for final storage.

Useful rowan wine

Wine from the fruits of aronia can be prepared in several ways. This is the most common recipe.

  • Rowan - 10 pounds.
  • Sugar - 2 kilograms.
  • Raisins or grapes - 150 grams.
  • Boiled water - 4 liters.

In rowan, remove the cuttings and cover with boiling water for twenty minutes. Repeat three times to reduce astringency. Chop the berries in a meat grinder, squeeze through the gauze folded in several layers, and fold the rest into a container and cover with hot water, with a temperature of 65-70 degrees.

Add rowan juice, some sugar and raisins. Grapes do not need to be washed, they only need to suppress.

Mix all the ingredients, cover the neck with gauze and place in a warm dark place. Check the drink for several days, if you get a sour smell and foam, filter the wort.

Add sugar to the juice, mix and leave to re-ferment. Wear a medical glove on the neck, puncture in advance. It will determine the end of fermentation.

After 14 days at the bottom of the sediment will be visible, the characteristic bubbles will disappear. Carefully pour the wine into sterilized containers, close hermetically and store in the refrigerator or cold cellar for 5 months.

Carefully drain the sediment. Wine is ready to drink.

The most delicious apple wine

Apples serve as an excellent product for home winemaking. If you try, you get a tasty and healthy wine, because during processing the fruit does not lose its beneficial qualities.

  • Apples - 5 pounds.
  • Sugar - 1 kilogram.

Remove the seeds from the apples so that the drink is not bitter. Fruits pass through a juicer or rub on a grater. Puree juice put in fermentation containers, cover the neck with gauze and leave for 72 hours.

Stir the wort 3 times a day using wooden utensils. After three days, remove the pulp (mushy mass) with a wooden spoon, add the first part of the sugar and put on a rubber glove with a punctured finger on the neck. Granulated sugar should not exceed 200 grams per liter. Leave the wine for 4 days, adding the same portion of sugar. After 5 days, add sugar in half and repeat the procedure again after 5 days.

The fermentation process lasts from 30 to 90 days. Store in a dark and warm place. If sediment appeared on the bottom, the wine is already fermented. Pour the drink into a sterile container and place it for 90 days, but in a cold place.

The wine is ready if the sediment does not appear on the bottom within two weeks.

Useful tips

Remember a few simple rules:

  1. Do not use metal containers and containers. They give a specific flavor and unpleasant smell.
  2. Carefully choose the ingredients. When going through fruits or berries for homemade wine, be careful. A damaged, overripe, or immature berry can ruin the entire product. Jam inspect for the presence of mold.
  3. Control the fermentation process. To start it, do not wash the fruit. But if there is no fermentation, add yeast at the rate of two grams per liter. Remove the sediment carefully and in time to prevent bitterness in the wine.

It is pleasant, simple and profitable to prepare wine. A little patience and you will enjoy a delicious, healthy and delicious drink!

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