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The main task of parents at the initial stage of a child’s life is the creation of optimal conditions for him for full physical and mental development. Over time, the question of the future comes to the fore. It's about choosing a profession.

Should I leave school?

Leaving school after grade 9 is the first important decision of a teenager, affecting his future life. Before taking such a step, carefully weigh everything and think it over.

Not all adolescents want to get a higher education - the desire does not always coincide with the intentions of the parents, which leads to a conflict situation. Optimally, if you discuss the issue together, taking into account all the pros and cons, you will find the best solution to the problem.

Advantages of leaving school:

  1. Enrolling in a middle level educational institution is easier than entering a university. Sometimes it is enough for this certificate and interview.
  2. Each applicant has the opportunity to get to the budget place with free tuition and payment of scholarships.
  3. In addition to mastering the school program in a technical school, college or college, a teenager is taught the chosen specialty, which allows him to find a job at the end of the third year.
  4. Some universities accept graduate students in the third year, which speeds up the process of getting higher education.

There are a few shortcomings in early school leaving that directly affect the adolescent’s future life:

  • Early exit from parental care. Teenagers move to another city, live in a dormitory, receive freedom of action. If everything goes well, the child quickly becomes independent. But sometimes this lack of control is fraught with absenteeism and unsatisfactory ratings, which leads to deduction.
  • If the profession is chosen incorrectly, it suppresses interest in learning. The child spends little time studying, which reduces performance. To avoid this, it is recommended to choose a profession with all responsibility.

Not all prestigious specialties are acquired in academies and universities. If you choose the right institution and direction of study, master the intricacies of the profession and make efforts in the future, career growth does not take long. And this is the path to success.

Promising professions for guys

The modern education market offers the attention of the guys who decided to leave school after the 9th grade, an extensive choice of professions. Consider the most popular of them:

  • Locksmith The profession has found wide distribution in the labor market, because without a qualified specialist, no production can function normally. Service units and mechanisms, repair work and preventive measures - an incomplete list of duties locksmith.
  • Turner. In each mechanism there are parts made by human hands in the turning shop on a special machine. Turner need all businesses and industries. Only strong, healthy, attentive and hardy guys can curb their profession.
  • Welder. Such a specialist connects the elements of metal structures. The work is in demand, but responsible, because the reliability and durability of metal products often determines the level of safety of people.
  • Collector. The product at the initial stage - a set of elements that, thanks to the efforts of the collector, turn into a finished product. The work will suit a guy who understands the schemes and is friends with the tool.
  • Mechanic. The number of cars on the roads is increasing annually, which increases the demand for quality service of vehicles. This makes the auto mechanic profession in demand, and for a guy it fits perfectly.
  • Driver. Many prefer public transport because of its cheapness. Therefore, discreet, friendly and attentive driver will always find a place in the city's fleet. In addition to driving, the driver fixes problems and builds a route.
  • Builder. New buildings appear daily in different parts of the world. This is the merit of professional builders. Possession of the building art can be a good source of income, and in life it will definitely come in handy. Therefore, the builder tops this list.

The choice of specialty is important for each guy, because in the future he will have to become the head and breadwinner of the family. Choose a profession that is in demand in the market and will be fun.

How to enter the military school after grade 9

Finishing school, girls and boys face the problem of choosing the type of work activity. Every entrant wants the profession to be prestigious and to promote his career. Given these points, many choose military educational institutions.

It is difficult to start a career; only applicants who meet a number of requirements can do it. We are talking about excellent performance, high examination marks, good physical fitness and excellent mental health.

  • First of all, documents are submitted to the chosen military school. The exact list can be found on the school website or in the dean of the school.
  • Next, take exams in Russian language and mathematics. These are only the main disciplines, there are others that are determined by the profile of the institution.
  • At the last stage of admission, physical training is checked: cross to 1000 m, run to 100 and 3000 m, swim to 100 m and pull up. To pass exams are allowed after passing the medical commission.

If you want to learn this profession, and in the certificate of excellent grades and no health problems, try to enroll in a military school. Demonstrating persistence, become an officer.

The list of the most profitable professions for girls

Consider the professions that are most popular among girls. Each of the options listed below has a lot of advantages, and some will help even organize your own business.

  • Nurse - Noble profession. As a member of the nursing staff, she fulfills the doctor’s appointments prescribed to the patient. It is not only about droppers and injections. The tasks of the nurse are determined by the scope of work and place of work.
  • Manicurist. Profession at the height of fashion, but not for everyone. Girls who have back problems or impaired vision, it is better to avoid it. Among the advantages - fast learning and instant transition to work. And in the presence of finance it is easy to open a business.
  • The hairdresser. The profession is similar to the previous version. With the right level of training, finding a good place in the beauty salon is easy. This specialty will not work for girls with allergies or poor eyesight.
  • Pharmacist. The scope of activities includes the sale of drugs. The key to successful implementation is knowledge of pharmacy technologies and pharmacology, excellent health, endurance and resistance to stress.
  • Cook. Works at catering establishments. The ability of a cook to transform ordinary products into culinary masterpieces with excellent taste and aroma makes the profession relevant. Among the characteristics of a good cook: accuracy, decency and responsibility.
  • Cashier. Manages the cashier at the company, whether it is a cafeteria, bank or online store. Works with banknotes and bank cards. Sometimes this list includes electronic money. In some companies, cashiers combine the position of controller or accountant.
  • Accountant. You can get a profession even after the 9th grade - the responsibilities do not change: asset accounting, reporting, income and expenditure. Here are just a high position can not count. Without higher education is not enough.

Dear parents, regardless of the decision of your child, try to understand the choice and provide adequate support. This is your task, and you can enter the university after college and college.

Universal professions

We list the universal professions that are suitable for all applicants regardless of gender. There are not many of them, but they deserve attention if you have not found a suitable option in the previous sections.

  • Guide;
  • Waiter;
  • Masseur;
  • Tour operator;
  • Economist;
  • Programmer;
  • Advertising agent;
  • Manager.

If you carefully examine the directory of professions, this list can be continued.

How to choose a specialty

After deciding whether to leave the school prematurely, it is important to choose the right specialty. In adolescence, it is difficult to assess the pros and cons of the profession, so I advise you to seek help from parents, knowledgeable people or teachers.

Step-by-step instruction

  1. Determine the scope of activities that you like. This will help a thorough analysis of personal qualities, preferences and abilities. Do not forget to take into account the state of health, because the development of certain specialties requires training or considerable physical strength.
  2. Choosing a profession, take into account its specificity: demand in the labor market, career growth, working conditions and age restrictions.
  3. Visit the website of the educational institution. On the resource pages you will find information regarding the chosen profession and the conditions for its receipt.
  4. Do not forget about the "open day". Educational institutions hold events in which teachers share information about the specialties provided by the institution.

With this approach, you decide who you want to become in the future. It will remain to graduate, get a diploma and find a good workplace. But that's another story.

How to choose an educational institution

The choice of educational institution in order of importance is not inferior to the definition of a specialty. You can enroll today in a technical school, college or college. These institutions differ in terms of admission, educational process, profile and future prospects.

  • School. Gives access to a practical profession. It is not very difficult to do, even with a certificate with triples, and the duration of training does not exceed 3 years.
  • Technical College. Ranked ahead of the school. Here, students receive an education according to the methodology as close as possible to the school format, and at the end of the path they will have a technical specialty. After three years of study opens the way for admission to the university.
  • College. The most prestigious representative of these. Suitable for a teenager who dreams of higher education. Here you can get a multidisciplinary specialty.

The institutions representing the secondary educational unit are different from each other, therefore, determine the choice, taking into account the goals pursued, the desired result and relevance in society. Do not believe films and advertising, do not listen to the instructions of friends and peers. The decision should only be yours. Good luck!

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