Home waxing - instructions and tips

Depilation wax at home for a long time to get rid of unwanted hair. Thanks to waxing, you can not worry about shaving for 3 weeks, which is important for long trips, relaxing with a gentleman or friends.

How to prepare for depilation and types of wax

Depilation is done when the length of the hair reaches 3 mm. Beauticians advise them to remove a maximum of 15 mm, otherwise the likelihood of ingrowing is high. Before the session, it is recommended to take a soothing bath with essential oils, and use a scrub that will remove the coarse particles of the epidermis and give the skin smoothness.

Before buying goods read reviews, and make sure that there are no allergies and irritation to the substances in the composition. You can check the cosmetics on the crook of the elbow.

The choice of a suitable method depends on the zone where you are going to remove unwanted vegetation. There are 3 varieties: hot wax, warm and cold. Hot removed in particularly delicate areas: on the face, in the armpits, bikini. The rest of the body is treated with warm. For regrown hairs, wax strips are used. The necessary tools for each type are shown in the table.

Hot waxWarm waxCold wax
Lotion / spray before depilationLotion / spray before depilationWax strips
TalcWarm wax in cartridgesWax remover after the procedure
Hard waxCartridge wax
VoskoplavFabric strips
Wooden sticksCream or oil after depilation
Cream or oil after depilationWax remover after the procedure
Wax remover after the procedure

How to remove wax after depilation

Wipes for removal are often not enough or not at all in the package. Then apply substitutes.

  • Lotion, spray after depilation.

Manufacturers issue additional funds. Substances in the composition, do not leave a feeling of stickiness and oiliness.

  • Baby cream.

Classic cream for children moisturizes and removes wax residues. When the skin is soaked, wipe it with normal wipes.

  • Sunflower oil, olive or baby.

Moisten bandage in oil, apply for 5 minutes to sticky places, and then wipe off.

Do not wash off sticky particles with soapy water, as this will soften and smear the wax. Attempts to warm it up with a hairdryer will not bring results either; it is fraught with burns and irritation.

Hot wax depilation - step by step plan

Hot wax is used to remove coarse and hard hair. The procedure is relatively painless because the heat opens the pores and the hairs are removed more easily. However, be careful not to damage the skin. The heating temperature is specified in the manufacturer's instructions, it is impossible to exceed this value!

  1. To melt paraffin wax. Instead of special equipment, you can use a microwave or reheat in a water bath. In this case, measure the temperature regularly. Willingness is defined as a viscous and viscous mass.
  2. Treat the skin first with depilation lotion, then pour talc on. Thanks to this manipulation, the wax will stick better. Instead of talcum powder, baby powder will do.
  3. Put the melted mass on the skin with a wooden stick. Hold a neat layer on the movement of hair growth, without touching those that are directed to other directions.
  4. Leave to stick. The maximum exposure time is 1 minute.
  5. Remove hardened material with an instant pull against hair growth. The stiffened mass to tear off only in 1 movement! The second hand should hold the skin and pull over. Otherwise, not all hairs will be removed, and you will have to repeat the procedure, which will lead to irritation.
  6. Remove stuck particles with oil wipes.
  7. Close the pores with a cooling cream, a contrast shower, or by applying ice.

The main rule: before you apply the wax, carefully study the direction of hair growth, as it is individually for each person.

Face area

To remove facial hair, beauticians recommend hot wax. The preheated mass is pre-checked on the arm, then used on the face. The typical location of the hair in the upper part of the mouth is the direction from the center of the lips to the cheeks. Remove material from the corner of the mouth to the nose.

Underarm area

The underarm skin is quite sensitive, so hot wax is recommended for depilation. Quite often, the hair here is directed in different directions from the middle fold. Then they are removed in turn.

Deep bikini area

Peculiarities of hair growth in this zone do not allow depilating a deep bikini alone. One person can do a classic bikini, but a deep bikini implies the participation of an assistant. Sharp movements against hair growth are physically impossible near the crotch and buttocks. In addition, it is necessary to fix the skin at the time of waxing.

Video instruction

How to make depilation warm wax

The composition of the warm wax contains components that make it soft and not scalding hot. The chance of getting burned when using this method is much lower. However, the degree of interaction of wax with the skin is deteriorating. Wax cartridges facilitate hair removal at home.

  1. Prepare the skin with lotion before the procedure.
  2. Clean the roller before applying warm wax and apply it in the direction of hair growth. To do this, the roller is held on the fabric strip. If this is not done, the process will cause discomfort.
  3. Immediately glue the fabric strip and press it with your hands.
  4. Remove the strip in one motion against hair growth. The free hand should pull the skin over. To reduce the sensations of pain, you can press the affected area with your hand
  5. Remove the remaining hairs with tweezers.
  6. The composition is removed by means of removal of the material after the procedure.
  7. Apply a caring cream or cosmetics to moisturize the skin.

Foot zone

Apply wax from the knees to the shin. Fabric strips are removed on the contrary - from the bottom up. Most people have calves with hair directed from the outside of the lower leg to the inside. Particular care to follow when depilating at the hips.

The advantage of this method is a long period between procedures, up to 5 weeks. At home, warm wax is safer, as it gently exerts heat on the skin and opens the pores. After the end of the session, the care does not differ from the care after the hot option.

Features of cold wax depilation

Cold looking waxing does not require the purchase of professional equipment. Convenience is in the finished fabric strips, which are already saturated with a wax composition.

  1. Intensively rub the strip with your hands and glue on the treated area. The amount of time for each firm is different. The standard exposure time is 30 seconds.
  2. Tear off the strip against hair growth with a sharp movement.
  3. Apply a soothing cream.

With the cold option, remove and re-appeared hairs that are not grown enough for other procedures.

Answers on questions

Waxing or shugaring - which is better

Shugaring has a number of advantages compared with wax depilation. However, often these advantages are invented on purpose and have nothing to do with reality.


  1. Shugaring procedure involves hair removal in the direction of growth, and waxing - against. This fact does not affect the frequency of the sessions.
  2. Both methods use natural ingredients in the composition. Despite this, there are cases of allergies to certain substances.
  3. The degree of pain is dictated solely by the individual characteristics of the person, therefore, one cannot say that one way is more painful than another.
  4. If you warm up the consumables correctly, there will be no burns in both cases.

To make a choice in favor of depilation or shugaring it is worth trying each method.

The differences between epilation and depilation

Epilation is a type of vegetation removal, with partial or complete destruction of the hair follicle. That is, removing hair permanently, artificially destroying the roots. Such methods are used in hardware cosmetology: laser or photoepilation.

Depilation is a procedure that allows you to temporarily remove hair without affecting the base. Waxing, shugaring and even shaving with epilators is a type of depilation.

How best to anesthetize the treated place

According to surveys, the most effective methods of getting rid of pain during depilation are medications. Before using inside it is recommended to consult a doctor. You can use a special cream and lotions to reduce the sensitivity of the skin.

How long does the effect last

Here everything is individual, as the degree of hair growth is different for each person. The minimum effect duration is 1 week. For most people, the duration is 3 weeks.

How often do

The longer the procedures are done, the softer and thinner the hair becomes, therefore the temporary break will constantly increase. The maximum possible period between procedures is 1.5 months.

Useful tips

  1. You can not injure wax moles and other skin irregularities.
  2. When removing the material, fix the skin well. Otherwise bruises will appear.
  3. To end the depilation suitable douche and caring cream.
  4. After the procedure, refrain from clothing, constraining movement, for 3 days.
  5. Do not fall under direct sunlight.

Home waxing is a natural method of removing hair. Thanks to the different types of waxing, you can achieve the desired result even for sensitive areas. Compared to other methods, this option is the most effective and safe.

Watch the video: Guidelines to Waxing Coarse Hair : Waxing Tips & Advice (January 2020).

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