How to straighten hair without ironing and hair dryer

In the article, I will discuss in detail the methods that help straighten hair without ironing and hair dryer at home. Many of the presented methods require financial and temporary investments, but the result will justify the resources spent.

Pros and cons of various means and methods

Let us examine the significant advantages of folk recipes before salon procedures.

Homemade straightening with masks or balmsStraightening in the cabin using keratin and other chemicals
CompositionMasks, prepared independently, do not incorporate chemical elements, therefore, they will not have any detrimental effect on the condition of the hair.Many of the tools used by masters in the salons, only externally have a good impact on the hair. Most of them destroy the structure from the inside.
Frequency of use and effectsYou can use your own homemade mask several times a week. At observance of a regularity hair will find more healthy and well-groomed appearance.Keratin straightening can be done every 4-6 weeks. Each trip to the salon will cost a substantial amount, which cannot be compared with the costs required to prepare a home use mask.
Therapeutic effectNatural ingredients help hair to grow stronger and recover from damage.This type of straightening only outwardly hides signs of deterioration of the hair.
Therapeutic effectMany hold the opinion that naturalness is a guarantee of health. Of course, the way it is in most cases.The products used in the salons also contain vitamins, however, they are not of natural origin.
ValidityMasks homemade according to popular recipes can not boast of a long period of validity. They provide the desired result for only 2-3 days, but sometimes this is enough.Salon products have a much stronger effect on the hair structure, which is why keratin straightening can last up to 6 weeks. After that, if you wish, you can repeat the procedure.
PriceEverything that will be prepared by you at home will be several times cheaper than going to a good salon.Many salons exhibit a fairly high price tag for straightening hair without the use of an iron and a hair dryer. So stock up on money.

How to straighten a man's hair

For straightening men's hair, there were also several recipes for masks that can be used independently at home.

  • Coconut oil. It has become a real salvation for many guys. It not only helps to straighten hair, grow a beard and mustache, but also has special properties that work wonders even with the toughest hair. From the fresh coconut extract the pulp and mix with water or milk. Place the mixture in a blender and bring to a smooth mass. You apply a mask on all length and hold about an hour. The procedure can be repeated once a week.
  • Milk with honey. Natural milk is a good remedy for straightening. Take it and mix until smooth with 1-2 tablespoons of honey. Spread on hair and leave for 1-2 hours, then rinse with warm water.

If there is no time for home procedures, visit a specialized salon where hair straightening will be done using chemical agents, ensuring the result for a long time.

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