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EGE is a centralized exam conducted in Russian educational institutions. Thanks to test measurement materials, it helps assess the quality of student preparation. The article will learn how to pass the exam, what exams to take and how to get 100 points.

How to pass the exam, if you do not know

Pedagogical practice shows that students, instead of preparing for exams, rest and communicate with friends. In the old days, when there was no knowledge, cheat sheets came to the rescue of lazy schoolchildren.

The introduction of the USE greatly complicated the procedure of passing state testing. Commission members are closely monitoring each student, and the use of cheat sheets and electronics is severely punished. How to successfully pass the certification if during the preparatory period the matter did not come to school? On this account, I have a few tips.

  • If there are still a few weeks before the Doomsday, proceed to the preparation. Use the services of a tutor and pay special attention to the solution of trial tasks. Learning the base level is the key to success if you don’t know anything.
  • If there is no testing in a few days and there is no time to study the material, glance over the pages of the textbook. It is possible that in an important moment visual memory will come to the rescue. How to improve memory, I told in one of the articles.
  • When the day of testing comes, keep your confidence, take with you a pass, a passport, a few pens and pencils, a ruler with an eraser and go. Also, make sure that you have a bottle of mineral water and a chocolate in your backpack.
  • Once in the audience, choose the place you like, sit comfortably at the table and take a few deep breaths. Do not worry. During the year you attended classes and probably something remained in your memory.
  • After receiving the package with the forms and tasks, slowly fill in the registration data. When teachers give the go-ahead, get to work. At your disposal 4 hours.
  • Start working with what you know. Having coped with easy tasks, switch to more complex tasks. Even if there are difficulties with the decision, do not rush to leave the audience. Sit down to the last. There are cases when the correct answer comes at the last moment.

People who are familiar with the procedure of passing the final certification, argue that many students greatly exaggerate the complexity of the situation and lower their level of knowledge in their thoughts. All because of the strong stress. If you strive to achieve the goal, curb panic, calm down and tune in to work. This is the secret of success.

What exam EGE pass in grade 11 in 2019

According to the available information, to get a certificate in 2019, passing tests in grade 11 in mathematics and Russian is not enough. Now you need to pass an additional exam to choose from.
If you do not plan to study at the university, stop the choice on a simple school discipline.

A complete list of subjects available for selection is presented in literature, chemistry, physics, history, geography, social studies, computer science, and foreign languages.

Among the innovations in 2019 is the absence of the test part, with the exception of foreign languages. Therefore, get ready to pass responsibly, since the written exam is more difficult than a multiple choice test.

There were rumors that in 2019 grades for the USE would affect the marks in the certificate in the direction of decreasing or increasing. Another planned complication of the exam in Russian. This year, graduates expect more complex tasks. As for the essay and the criteria for its evaluation, there are no changes here.

The list of the most popular exams in universities is represented by exact sciences, including computer science, chemistry and physics. This is due to a shortage of qualified engineers in the country and an abundance of economists and financiers.

Periodically visit the portal of the Federal Institute for Educational Measurement. Here are regularly published documents relating to the delivery of the exam. There is also a table of changes that will help in drawing up a complete impression of the innovations.

What USE need to pass for admission to universities

It is impossible to enter a university or university without a certificate of passing the EGE. It is important that a graduate planning to become a student at a university must pass exams for admission. In this part of the material I will consider several popular trends and help in the selection of school subjects for graduation. And remember that mathematics and the Russian language are compulsory.

  1. If you plan to enroll in a medical school, get ready to pass the exam in chemistry and biology. Passing the exam in physics is needed for dentists. Some universities require a foreign language test.
  2. Those who want to study as a psychologist need to pass a biology exam, which is considered a major subject. Depending on the chosen direction, sometimes you need results of the exam in a foreign language. It all depends on the university.
  3. If you see yourself as a teacher, get ready to surrender the relevant subject. In particular, for admission to the Physics and Mathematics, in addition to the main examinations, physics is needed. Chemistry and biology provides for delivery in chemistry and biology, and so on.
  4. Graduates who want to study at Moscow State University, available in a variety of faculties. For example, if you choose the department of "Recreational Geography and Tourism", take the Examination on geography, and the department of "Philosophy" will need natural science.
  5. There are requirements in MIPT. For admission to this university you need computer science or physics. It all depends on the direction chosen by the graduate.
  6. The educational institutions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs have special requirements for applicants. They prefer graduates who have passed the exam in social studies, history, physics or biology, depending on the direction. Even every graduate to surrender sports standards.
  7. Those who want to become a student of the Military Space Academy, I recommend to focus on preparing for the exam in physics. Without this profiling subject, as well as without sports standards, the university will not accept.

In conclusion, I will add that each educational institution has its own requirements for the results of the USE. If you have already decided on the university and faculty, contact the admissions office for detailed information. This will protect against a fateful mistake.

What you need to know to pass the exam for 100 points

Graduates seeking to enter a university are preparing for the Unified State Exam with full responsibility. Many are aimed at getting 100 points in all subjects. It is not surprising, because the maximum assessment indicates that the graduate possesses knowledge from the school curriculum at the highest level. Such results open the way to any of the universities.

Many believe that it is impossible to pass the exam on 100 points. In fact, it is not. With timely and proper training, any student has the opportunity to pass tests and get the highest score.

Let us examine the nuances of pre-examination preparation. This set of simple recommendations will help pass the EGE by 100 points in the following subjects: social studies, biology, history, Russian and foreign languages, mathematics, physics and chemistry. Let's get started

  • Stock up on textbooks on subjects selected for delivery from the sixth to the eleventh grade. During the preparation, pay special attention to the topics of greatest difficulty.
  • Examine the exam questions to see which questions you will encounter in the exam. Keep a diary, make a schedule of preparation. At each point of the plan, allocate sufficient time for in-depth study of the material.
  • Keep a synopsis. When reading textbooks, write out basic concepts and terms. Drawings and diagrams will improve the efficiency of memorization. Between the outlined topics, leave free space to record new or additional information on important issues.
  • Teachers like it when a student talks. Learn to give detailed answers, give reasons, give explanations, use terms. Meaningful answers will increase the chances of getting the highest score.
  • Visualize new information. As practice shows, cramming is a waste of time. Delve into the topic being studied, use the advantages of associative memory, present images.
  • Collect benefit with tests on selected subjects and spend a lot of time working through them. Self-study will help to learn the material and hone the skills of solving standard tasks.
  • Begin training well in advance. Regardless of the subject chosen, you will have to explore a wealth of information. The development of such a volume takes time. Start training at least a year. To improve the quality of knowledge, I advise you to use the services of a tutor or enroll in thematic courses.
  • Curb time. A certain amount of time is allotted for testing in school subjects. Perform all tasks, if you consider the time frame. At the same time, in pursuit of 100 points, tasks will be solved quickly and correctly. To improve the skill, I recommend to use the demo version of the exam on the department website.

If you set a goal of 100 points in all subjects, be prepared for time-consuming and lengthy preparation. The above recommendations will facilitate the fate and will be a good help.

Answers on questions

Do I need to take the exam after college and college?

At the initial stage of the introduction, the Unified State Examination caused a lot of different emotions to college and technical school graduates. This is justified by obtaining state testing of the status of entrance examinations in Russian higher educational institutions. What does it mean?

Having a certificate of passing the final certification opens the way to any university if the test results meet the requirements set by the university. People who graduated from school before 2009 do not have such a document. And if they continued their studies in a college or a technical school, after graduating from an institution they are interested in, do they need to pass the USE for admission to the university? Further development of the situation has two scenarios.

  • A graduate of a college or a technical school who wishes to continue his studies at a university in accordance with his specialty is not in danger of passing the state exam. For admission to the university is enough to pass the profile exam.
  • If a student has a specialty in college or a technical school, and at the university wants to learn another profession, the problem can be solved in two ways. The first involves the passing of the exam, and the second - passing the entrance exams, as it was before.

The introduction of new rules deprived graduates of technical colleges and colleges of certain advantages, which help them to enter the university guaranteed. But the presence of a diploma of secondary educational institutions still gives the student more confidence.

How to pass the exam graduate of previous years

It is not uncommon for a graduate who graduated from school in previous years to have a desire to pass state certification. This is good, because getting a diploma of higher education is never too late. In this part of the material let's talk about the intricacies of the passage of the exam by a graduate of past years.

When passing the EGE for a former graduate there is a feature - you do not have to take compulsory subjects, except in cases where mathematics and Russian are needed for admission to the chosen specialty.

Graduates of past years pass the USE ahead of schedule or together with the main wave. To this end, an application for passing the exam with indication of basic and additional disciplines, passport and certificate is submitted in advance to the municipal education management body.

In addition to personal information, if you studied for a long time, the application indicates the name of the completed educational institution, the details, the form of education and the date of receipt of the diploma. Graduates from other countries who wish to continue their studies at a Russian university present a passport, an original education certificate with a certified translation from a foreign language.

To obtain admission to final certification, write an essay. Graduates of past years, this innovation does not apply. The work is written solely at will. However, some universities at admission throw a few points for an essay.

Graduates of past years pass the exam in the place of application. If you live in another city, you do not need to return to your home town for the sake of obtaining a certificate.

In the article we looked at how to pass the EGE, if you don’t know anything, brought tips for getting 100 points and answered some popular questions. Rational training in combination with a positive psychological attitude, strong motivation and absolute peace of mind will help to obtain the highest result.

Do not panic, and in the morning before certification, concentrate on moral preparation, and not on a quick scan of textbooks. Such actions only heat the situation.

Go to the exam as a holiday, and a good mood will serve as a reliable ally. And remember, passing the exam is the first step in building a successful career. Good luck!

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