Diet "Six petals" - menu, reviews, results

The theme of the conversation will be the diet "Six petals", developed by a nutritionist from Sweden. Let's look at the menu for every day and reviews of doctors. The basis of the method of losing weight is separate food. For six days, you must follow the established sequence of mono-diet, every day - products of the same chemical composition. The strictest sequence is the key to the Six Petals diet.

According to the creator of the technique, in order to lose weight, you need to make a “flower” with 6 petals and hang it in a prominent place. Every day you need to tear off the petal and follow the diet indicated on it.

Diet Six petals is based on the physiology of digestion. A person eats food separately. The author claims that the development has a positive effect on metabolic processes, and 650 grams of excess weight can be dropped every day.

The work of the diet is explained very simply. The liver is a kind of nutrient storage. She regularly receives a combination of incompatible products. In the absence of carbohydrates, proteins or fats, the liver spends the body's reserves, represented by fat deposits. As a result, the effect of losing weight is achieved.

Adhering to such a diet, a person causes the body to expend fat, without energy starvation. Necessary fats come from dairy products, chicken and fish.

The author focuses on the fact that the sequence of products can not be changed, because each element of the “Six petals” diet affects weight loss. Changing the sequence, the result is not achieved.

Menu for every day

Separate food, the basis of the diet, involves the use of products characterized by identical content. Monotonous food contributes to weight loss, because the body, not waiting for new products, spends its reserves. Moreover, the metabolism does not include an energy-saving regime, which is characteristic of long-term diets based on identical products. Let's look at the menu of the diet "Six petals" for every day.

  1. The first day. A fish. During the first day to use fish products that are a source of Omega-3 acids. These acids are a useful fat that does not accumulate and is not converted to subcutaneous deposits. Unsaturated fats lower cholesterol and help clean the hips. Protein contained in fish saturates the body and is easily digested. Pollock or salmon is perfect.
  2. Second day. Vegetables. This stage of the Swedish diet is distinguished by its low calorie content, high content of fiber and vitamins. Cellulose nourishes and cleans the intestines. Carbohydrates and sugar are absorbed slowly, which is fraught with energy costs, so the effect of losing weight is provided. To preserve healthy qualities of vegetables, steam them.
  3. Third day. Chicken meat. Low-fat chicken is a favorite diet food. The protein contained in chicken meat is extremely useful. White meat is rich in phosphorus, potassium, iron. Chicken diet compensates for the lack of protein, which is spent on strengthening muscle mass when drying the body and is not converted to fat.
  4. Day four. Cereals. At this stage, eat cereals with bran shell. Bran has a lot of trace elements. On the digestion of the shell the body will expend additional energy and fat reserves. On the fourth day, eat whole grain bread with cooked cereals, which are pre-soaked.
  5. Fifth day. Cottage cheese. Cottage cheese nourishes the body with mineral components and calcium. Diet involves the use of natural low-fat cottage cheese. This product is rich in proteins that are broken down into amino acids involved in cell renewal.
  6. The sixth day. Fruits. As part of the final stage, eat only fruit. This approach is designed to provide the body with complex carbohydrates and an extensive vitamin complex. Fruits will form the basis for final cleansing.

The described set of monodiets is a well-coordinated chain of a consistent and highly effective program focused on the fight against fat deposits. Therefore, changing the order of days is not worth it, and you need to gradually get out of such a food schedule. If done correctly, the diet will provide a long-term effect.

Doctors reviews about the diet "Six petals"

If you believe reviews on the Internet, this way of losing weight is safe and incredibly effective. However, no one guarantees that the words on one of the thematic sites are written by a person who has achieved good results with the help of a diet. It is possible that the reviews are written for a fee.

To find out the truth, I propose to consider the reviews of doctors about the diet "Six petals".

Nutritionists say that such an approach to nutrition can harm the body. This is a metabolic disorder. Diet can provoke metabolic stress, which occurs with a lack of one component and an excess of others.

Well, if the body has enough strength to cope with such a load. If a person cannot boast of good health, toxic metabolites will appear in his body, which can lead to chronic headache and acetone vomiting. Acetone causes significant damage to brain cells.

Experts do not recommend such a diet due to lack of thought. It is better to pay attention to a balanced diet, involving the use of vegetable oils, proteins, fats in the form of dairy products, eggs and fish. I would advise you to go in for sports. Also read the material on increasing attractiveness. Physical culture with proper nutrition will allow you to wear small size clothes and be proud of attractive forms.

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