What you need to take to the hospital

For today's article I have chosen an interesting and useful topic. In it, I will tell you what you need to take with you to the hospital and give a list of things for mom and baby. Surely, this issue faced by women who will become a mother.

The list of things in the hospital for mom and baby

Discussion is not subject to that prepare for childbirth should be in advance. Otherwise, difficulties may suddenly arise. I will give a list of things in the hospital for mom and baby.

Documents to the hospital

  1. Passport.
  2. Medical policy.
  3. Exchange card.
  4. Birth contract (if concluded).
  5. Birth certificate.

The listed documents must be neatly folded into a file and put in a handbag. Keep to yourself, especially if you plan to go somewhere. Childbirth is an unpredictable thing.

What to take to give birth?

After the start of contractions and admission to the hospital, the girls are allowed to bring with them a few things. Pregnant girl maternity hospital should give everything you need, with the exception of slippers, but there are exceptions. It depends on the hospital, and the rules and conditions adopted therein. Ideally, a list should be agreed in advance and clarify what things to take with you.

  • Washable slippers.
  • Hygiene supplies, comb, shampoo, toothpaste, baby soap.
  • Some maternity homes allow you to bring a mobile phone or player to listen to your favorite music during the birth, which is able to remove the moral burden from the future mother.
  • Camera or camcorder. It is better to give a maternity partner, which is the husband.

What is needed after childbirth?

Drugstores sell ready-made kits for mothers to the maternity hospital, but I recommend to assemble such a set by yourself. It is forbidden to carry bags into the maternity hospital, so you will have to shift items from the purchased set into the bag. What can be necessary for mum?

  1. Nightdress, towel, dressing gown. In some hospitals to use such things are not allowed, and you can use what is issued.
  2. Gaskets, soft toilet paper. During the first days after birth, the doctor may prohibit the use of pads, as he will observe postpartum secretions. In the future, they will be needed.
  3. Plate, mug, spoon. If you do not drink water from the tap, grab a couple of bottles of mineral water.
  4. Three pairs of cotton pants, a pair of nursing bras and a pack of disposable tabs.
  5. Cream for the treatment of nipple cracks, packaging of glycerin candles, vitamins, hygienic lipstick and face cream. A breast pump will help avoid mastitis.
  6. A diary with a pencil, a charger for a mobile phone, a favorite book and a small amount of money. This will make the pastime more comfortable.

Things for the baby

  • Two - four sets of clothes.
  • Two flannel and two cotton diapers.
  • Scrabble.
  • Four pairs of sliders and socks.
  • Two - three undershirts.
  • A couple of caps.
  • Overalls.
  • 20 diapers.
  • Scissors for newborns.
  • Cotton swabs to clean the nose and lubricate the umbilical wound.
  • Warm blanket.

If you prepare and pack the above things in advance, there will be no difficulties during your stay at the maternity hospital. If you forget something, do not panic, the husband or a loved one will bring it at any time.

What things are needed mother and child on discharge

After childbirth and a few days in the hospital, doctors prescribe a new mother with the child.

In order for a mother to leave the maternity hospital with pride and honor, she will need a certain set of things that her husband or relatives will give a lift to before discharge.

  1. Hair dryer, shampoo, hairbrush. Without these items, it is impossible to look perfect. They will definitely be needed, especially if you have been in the hospital for several weeks.
  2. Cosmetics. On the day of discharge, every mother wants to look irresistible, because she will have to pose for the cameras. I do not advise using perfumes, as they can cause an allergic reaction in a baby.
  3. clothing. Choose garments that are larger than what you were wearing before pregnancy. For the summer suit soaring dress with high waist. If it's cool outside, you can wear a sweater and skirt. And no pantsuits.

For a baby, an extract is the first acquaintance with the outside world, so he should feel as comfortable as possible.

  • The diaper. It will take a couple of knitted diapers, in which you can wrap the baby. Do not interfere with the corner - a festive diaper, equipped with ribbons.
  • Overalls. The jumpsuit is easy to unfasten, which makes it easier to change the diaper, and earlier on the extractor took the sliders and vests.
  • Cap or cap. Headgear should cover ears. Otherwise, the first appearance in the fresh air may not like the baby.
  • Warm blanket in winter. The blanket should completely cover the child, but not interfere with the movements.
  • Knitted cap in the fall. Wear a hat over a cotton cap. It is better to refuse from fur, otherwise irritation may appear on the delicate skin of the baby. The discharge set should be warm and soft lined.
  • Knitted suit and knitted jumpsuit in the spring. Flannel diaper does not hurt.
  • Romper and cap in the summer.

I hope, with the help of the story, you will make a detailed list of things for mom and baby in the hospital. Successful childbirth, good health to you and your baby!

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