What is the year of the Rooster 2017

New Year's holidays are approaching at a rapid pace. And although there are still a few weeks left before the New Year, many are already preparing. They buy food, choose gifts and think what to wear and what to celebrate the New Year 2017.

What colors to wear for the New Year of the Rooster

New Year's Eve - an event that occurs once a year. In order for it to remain in the memory for a long time, it must be held cheerfully and brightly.

2017 is coming year of the Red Fiery Rooster, whose favorite color is red. At all times, shades of red were associated with love impulses, passion, sensuality and activity. As for the symbol of the coming year, it does not boast a calm disposition. There is no place for boredom and despondency.

To understand what color outfit to wear on the New Year's holiday, let's get acquainted with the tastes of the patron of the year. The shade of the chosen clothing should match the talisman. Give preference to eye-catching bright outfits.

  1. Choosing stop at shades that are associated with fire. Dresses are coral, pink, scarlet or bright red. It doesn’t hurt to add a few other colors to the color range, since the symbol of the year likes originality and fantasy. If you look closely at the flames, you will see green, blue, yellow, orange and red shades.
  2. Pay attention to the colors, the shades of which can be seen, considering the flame of a candle. Brown, golden, beige and ashy tones in combination with shades of red will help you to create a composition that will decorate the festive attire.

I advise men to abandon catchy New Year's clothing. The ideal option for them is the classic of strict and cool colors. It is not forbidden to wear a bright suit, but in this case you cannot do without eye-catching accessories.

What to wear for New Year's corporate party 2017

The corporate party, which is held before the New Year, is a fun and exciting event that helps team members to meet and make friends. This is good, because people will have to work together all next year.

So that at the next meeting you do not have to be embarrassed and blush, recalling the festive image and the New Year corporate party, select the clothes in advance and correctly.

What to wear a woman to corporate

Participants in a corporate party are free to choose a style, but don’t get carried away, especially if you hold a high position or aspire to move up the career ladder. Overly frank or tasteless outfit will not contribute to this. Such clothes will have a bad effect on authority, because you seem to colleagues to be a frivolous and frivolous person.

Corporate party - an opportunity to demonstrate the taste and personality. This can be done only with the help of perfectly-fitting clothes, properly selected accessories and beautiful shoes.

  • Discard outfits of irregular length or shape. We are talking about short, narrow, long or constraining movement dresses. The scarf will not allow to demonstrate the skill on the dance floor.
  • The best option is an elegant Christmas dress, providing maximum comfort. Its decorative elements should not interfere while dancing. If the outfit is going to folds or frowns carelessly, you will not enjoy the holiday.
  • At the corporate party does not necessarily go to the dress. To create a solemn image, use a festive blouse in combination with pants or a skirt. The main thing is to make wardrobe items look elegant and expensive.
  • Option - silk blouse paired with satin pants or a skirt made of leather, brocade or suede.
  • Do not disregard the laundry. If you choose wrong, it will ruin even an expensive and beautiful outfit. Lingerie should not be evident and stand out from the clothing. Agree, noticeable lines of panties against the background of the skirt or close bra will only spoil the look. Bra straps should also be invisible. If you can not hide, use silicone straps.

Try to be on a holiday visible and bright figure and go to the event only in a good mood. The emotions and impressions you get will depend on it.

What to wear a man on corporate

Answering the question of what to wear a man for a corporate party, I came to the conclusion that the best solution is a classic suit, complemented by an original highlight. A bow tie that will make the image elegant, elegant, stylish and beautiful will help to achieve the result.

  1. Sold various types of butterflies, differing in color. I recommend to buy a butterfly with an original pattern, represented by a combination of several different shades.
  2. When choosing a butterfly color, be guided by external data or your own preferences. If you strive to emphasize individuality and impress, stop the choice on a bright model. The red version is suitable for corporate best.
  3. Men with dark eyes and fair skin advise you to pay attention to the dark shades, and dark-skinned guys recommend choosing a pastel-colored butterfly. Otherwise, the image will blur and become inexpressive.
  4. Choosing a bow tie, do not disregard the shirt. The color of the accessory should be darker than the shirt. If you fulfill this requirement, you will get guaranteed success.
  5. Many men prefer not monochromatic shirts, but models with geometric patterns, patterns, lines and ornaments. In this case, use a monochromatic butterfly, otherwise there will be an overabundance of flowers.
  6. As for shoes, there is nothing to add. The main thing is that it is combined with the costume and complements the overall picture of the solemn image.

Dear men, I consider you lucky, because it is easier for you to prepare for a corporate party. Stressed suit, beautiful hair, good cologne and all. We, women, will have to try to be attractive at corporate.

What to wear to children for the New Year 2017

For the child, the New Year holidays are a bright, memorable event for a long time and the parents are simply obliged to create a festive atmosphere for the kids.

You can achieve results by organizing games, contests and competitions. The main thing is that at the head of the entertainment program was Santa Claus and Snow Maiden. And it is impossible to imagine a New Year's holiday without an elegant and unusual costume.

Outfits for young children

  • For preschoolers New Year is a real carnival. For them are provided a kind and bright outfits. Based on the theme of the coming year, give your child the opportunity to feel like an inhabitant of the tropics.
  • Many children will wish to dress up in the costume of the symbol of the New Year 2017 - the Rooster. The main thing is that it should be original for each child. Make it easy. Use fantasy.

Costumes for middle-aged children

Older children like creative and original carnival outfits. To satisfy the wishes of the child, parents have to try. However, you can do without surprises and ask the children of what he wants to be at the celebration.

  1. Not all kids at this age love to portray Thumbelina or Pinocchio, because they want to become adults. In this case, I recommend that you buy a classic suit with a tie for your son, and a fashionable dress for your daughter.
  2. Try to find a girl who does not want to be the queen in the New Year. To create such a costume, look for a beautiful dress and complete with a radiant tiara. The decoration on the head properly fasten, otherwise the broken hair will ruin the festive mood.

Christmas costumes for teens

  • Dressing up a teenager as an astronaut or a fabulous character will not work. At this age, children consider themselves adults. Offer your child an interesting topic and invite to participate in the creation of a suit.
  • At the peak of popularity films and comics of the company Marvel, so the child can easily dress up with Iron Man, Terminator, Predator or Tor. Any of these images will appeal to a teenager.

It is not necessary to create a full-fledged costume or dress for a teenager. You can limit the symbolic symbols of a particular character.

With proper organization, the New Year holidays will leave a large number of memories. A thoughtful outfit will make the host cheerful and happy, will bring success and happiness in the new year. Good luck!

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