How to get a birth certificate

The birth of a child is an event that occurs in the family and brings happiness. Immediately after the appearance of the crumbs, inexperienced parents have many worries. They are interested in a lot, including how to get a birth certificate of a child.

Not all parents know how to register a baby and issue a birth certificate. If there are difficulties, you will find tips in the material to help you with the procedure.

Obtaining a birth certificate is no different from previous years, because the procedure has not changed. Information is also relevant for parents who have children, and the process of registration is well known.

The current legislation sets the time during which the birth certificate is issued - one month after the birth of the child.

The law does not impose a penalty for delay in the prescribed period.

If the parents are not married or have different surnames, they will add one of them to the certificate. Since the question of whose name the child will get is not regulated by law, parents will have to decide it themselves. If the relationship is not formalized, they must come together to receive the document. If only one of them can come, the information of the second is recorded from his words, which increases the likelihood of errors.

Step by step plan for a birth certificate

  1. Take a look at the registry office with a package of papers required for the registration of the child. These are parental passports, marriage certificate and medical certificate confirming the birth of the baby.
  2. If the marriage is not registered, provide a certificate of paternity in the registry office. To receive the paper in the maternity hospital send the appropriate request. An interesting fact is that if the delivery took place outside the medical institution, the parents will not receive a certificate. Then the application of the doctor who took delivery will be required.
  3. After collecting the paper, go to the district registry office, located at the place of residence of one or both parents. As for foreigners who want to get a certificate on the model of their country, they are encouraged to contact the consulate of their home state.

Simultaneously with the above documents in the registry office apply. The legislation provides for the possibility of filing an application by parents, authorized persons, employees of maternity homes and other institutions where the delivery took place.

  • Specify information about the child. This name, date and place of birth, gender. Write down the full information about the parents, starting with the full names and ending with the place of residence. In the application, provide details about the father. That is why the list of papers contains a marriage certificate.
  • At this procedure, the registration of the child is over. It will remain to wait for a certificate. The law does not provide for the exact date of issuance of the document, but practice shows that this occurs on the day of appeal, an hour after the application was submitted.

It is unpleasant to talk about it, but there are cases when stillborn children are born or they leave the world during the first month of life due to health problems. In this case, contact the state registration authority. At the birth of a deceased child, a certificate is not issued, parents receive only a certificate. If the death occurred within a month, representatives of the registry office will be issued at the same time a birth and death certificate.

Considering the financial side of the issue, the current laws provide for a fee for issuing a document. You will have to pay a small amount if the certificate is lost and you have initiated the procedure for obtaining a duplicate. Minor financial costs are expected and parents are not married. The registry office must issue a certificate of paternity, and for it provides state duty.

If you have planned pregnancy and waited for the baby, issue a birth certificate easily and quickly, because the procedure is free, and the document is issued on the same day.

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