Effective antiviral drugs for children

Mothers protect children from possible viruses and infections, but they do not always cope with the task without effective antiviral drugs.

Preparations for children under 3 years

In the fall and winter, preschool children often develop colds. The root cause of the phenomenon - a virus infection that can be picked up in a public place, transport or kindergarten.

The immunity of the child is not as strong as in an adult, so the risk of contracting influenza or a respiratory infection is high. If the child is sick, show the pediatrician as soon as possible to avoid complications caused by improper self-treatment.

Adults often rely on their strength and properties of antiviral drugs, buying advertised pills that are recommended to use by parents of children who have had ARVI.

We will understand what the doctors recommend to use in these situations. Their advice deserves more attention than the recommendations of friends.

  • Relenza. Counteracts various forms of flu. Accept no later than two days from the time of the appearance of the messengers of the disease.
  • Ribarin. It is prescribed for pneumonia and bronchitis. Doctors recommend the use of special cases, because of its side effects.
  • Griprinozin. Blocks the spread of infection, activates immunity in viral infections.
  • Vitaferon. Antiviral, which is allowed to give kids up to three years. Composed of substances that stimulate the children's immune system.

Studies have shown that Vitaferon defeats viral hepatitis, mumps, smallpox, measles, influenza, rubella and diseases accompanied by fever, runny nose, cough. The only inconvenience is sleep disturbance. But correcting the situation helps reduce the dose.

Some drugs from the list are prescribed in the winter for the prevention of viral diseases.

Tablets and drugs from 3 years

The weather in the autumn-winter season clears the springboard for the development of infections. During this period, caring parents try to strengthen the immunity of children, because it protects against viruses.

The first symptom of a weakened immune system are persistent respiratory diseases. If a child suffers at least six times a year, try to increase the level of resistance to infections. Food allergies, lack of appetite, fatigue, fungal infections, colds without fever - all this suggests that it is time to activate the protective functions. The immunogram helps to accurately determine the weakened immunity.

Medicines should always be in the first-aid kit, even if you are going on a summer vacation. Pharmacies offer four groups of pediatric antiviral drugs: chemical and homeopathic medicines, interferons and immunity stimulants.

  1. The most well-known chemical antiviral is Remandatid. It is characterized by a modest spectrum of action, helps with influenza, like Arbidol. Ribavirin is used even with ARVI. There are contraindications, use only after consulting a doctor.
  2. Immunity stimulants: Immunal, Methylarucil, Imudon, Bronhomunal. Show activity a few weeks after the start of admission. Recommends for the prevention of SARS and influenza.
  3. Interferons: Viferon, Derinat, Anaferon, Kipferon, have immunostimulating efficacy in the treatment of SARS. Increase the level of interferon, stop the development of the disease at an early stage. Take after the first symptoms.
  4. Homeopathic medicines: Aflubin, Viburkol, Otsillokoktsinum. The safest, help turn on the protective functions of the body with the appearance of disease heralds. Sold in the form of drops and candles.

I listed common antiviral drugs. I advise you to use children's vitamin complexes that strengthen the immune system. Their value is reduced to saturating the developing organism with minerals and vitamins during a period of deficiency.

Keep track of the baby's nutrition, which should be varied and balanced. Include meat, milk, vegetables, and fruits in your diet. Temper the child's body. This will enhance health, eliminate the need to use synthetic drugs. Vaccinations are also effective, so learn how to make injections. These skills will come in handy.

What drugs should not be given to children

Health is a treasure that needs to be strengthened and preserved since childhood. Nobody is insured against diseases, but the responsibility for the drugs used lies with the parents.

The number of bacteria and viruses that cause diseases is constantly increasing. Therefore, always have information about children's antiviral drugs. This will help to use effective treatments for the treatment.

Not every drug is suitable at a young age, and inexperienced pharmacists often advise them. Do not completely trust the pharmacy, be sure to consult with a pediatrician. A poorly knowledgeable pharmacist may recommend "adult" pills that do not relieve the condition, but aggravate. Remember the medicines that children do not recommend giving.

  • Bromhexin and Ambroghexal, which help fight cough, are contraindicated in children. They are only suitable for adults.
  • Tiloron. According to international studies, it is very toxic. Often bears the name of Tilaxine or Amiksin.
  • There are antiviral drugs whose efficacy and safety have not been proven by clinical trials. These are Cycloferon, Neovir, Groprinosin, Timogen, Isoprinosine.

Nature has created many tools that help fight viruses. This garlic, wild rose, aloe, honey. They are available and effective. If there are signs of a cold, drink a rosehip infusion or tea with honey and lemon.

Contrary to a strange taste, a good antiviral is ginger. Grind ginger root, pour boiling water and wait a third of an hour. This miraculous composition will help in the fight against infection.

Whether to give the child antiviral drugs, it's up to the moms. But remember, often the body itself cope with the infection. If without drugs does not work, let them appoint a doctor.

If a child has a weak immune system, even an expensive antiviral drug will not cure. For prophylaxis, strengthen your health with folk methods, physical exercises, hardening. Do not be ill!

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