How to quickly get rid of bruise

The most attractive - velvety and delicate skin. It is not surprising that women do not like it when scratches, bruises or abrasions appear on the body. When this happens, they become interested in how to quickly get rid of a bruise.

The most effective ways

We will pay attention to the most effective folk treatment options for bruising at home.

  • Ice. Blow is a common cause of bruising. Bursting blood vessels under the skin cause darkening and swelling. The use of ice allows to narrow the blood vessels, which will contribute to the reduction of redness and the size of inflammation.
  • Bandage. If the formation appeared on the leg, quickly bandage this place. So create pressure on the vessels, which will prevent the blood from spreading under the skin. The bottom line is that only a small bruise will appear.
  • Heat. A day after an unpleasant event, it is recommended to apply heat to the bruise. This will contribute to the expansion of blood vessels, accelerate blood flow and resorption of education.
  • Warm baths and compresses. Do several times a day until complete disappearance of subcutaneous browning. Applying heat to the bruise immediately after the appearance is not worth it. There will be no positive effect, but edema may occur.
  • Creams. Pharmacies sell a wide range of bruise-oriented products. The most effective creams are considered, which include vitamin "K". After penetration under the skin, it accelerates the splitting and utilization of blood clots.
  • Ointment. Place the bruise ointment. Such tools are suitable for the fight against bruises in children, as the ointment is completely harmless.
  • Cosmetics. Using these methods instantly does not get rid of a bruise. To education did not cause questions from loved ones, hide it with powder or foundation. The best masking provides cosmetics yellowish tint.
  • Iodine. Some have bruises even after vaccinations. Penetration of the needle starts the process of subcutaneous hemorrhage. This is due to the characteristics of the body. In such cases, use a special ointment or iodine.

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So you learned how to quickly get rid of the bruise. The appearance can be prevented with the help of vitamin "C", which strengthens blood vessels and reduces the likelihood of damage. The use of fruits and vegetables will protect against the appearance of unpleasant subcutaneous formations and increase immunity.

How to quickly get rid of a bruise under the eye

A purple or dark blue formation under the skin is a bruise that appears after bumps, bruises or collisions. Especially sensitive is thin and sensitive skin in the eye area.

Over time, the injury site will brighten, but it will take several weeks to restore the damaged capillaries. Fortunately, there are effective folk ways to help get rid of the problem in two or three days. Consider how to get rid of the bruise under the eyes of folk methods and restore the beauty of the face.

  1. Bodyaga. Dissolve two tablespoons of mustard powder in a spoonful of water and mix. Apply the mixture to the bruise with extreme caution. Otherwise, the mixture gets into the eye, which will lead to inflammation of the shell.
  2. Vodka. Mix vodka and water in the same proportions. Make ice from the solution and apply it to the bruise until it disappears completely.
  3. Cabbage leaves. One leaf a little mash and gently repel. Attach to the injury site. The best effect is achieved if the sheet is applied immediately after the bruise appears.
  4. Yolk and honey. Mix a spoonful of honey with the same amount of sunflower oil and one yolk. After mixing, a thick slurry should be obtained. The mixture is applied to the bruise for a day.
  5. Compress. To speed up the disappearance of a bruise under the eye, you can use a compress. Mix two parts of viburnum bark with two parts of celandine and one part of aloe. After mixing, insist the mixture for 20 minutes. Using cotton swabs soaked in a solution, apply a bruise to the bruise for 20 minutes as often as possible. After the procedure, rinse the skin thoroughly.

Thanks to popular recommendations and recipes, you can easily make a medicine that quickly puts a person in order.

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If the bruise resolves for a long time, go to the doctor. He will carefully examine the face, and recommend the optimal method of treatment.

How to quickly get rid of the bruise on his leg

Everyone faced bruises on their legs. Most often they appear after a stroke, as a result of which small blood vessels rupture, which leads to the spreading of blood in the soft tissues.

Get a bruise on his leg can be at work, while walking with a dog, fishing and even at home. From the appearance of an unexpected hematoma no one is immune.

Initially, the bruise on the leg is purple in color due to the hemoglobin contained in the blood. After some time, the hematoma changes color and becomes red, then purple, blue and at the end yellow.

Bruises on the legs dissolve for a long time, at least one month due to the increased pressure in the vessels of the legs. For comparison, the bruise on the face disappears in a week, and on the body in one decade.

If a bruise appears on the leg, which is not accompanied by a serious injury, it is not necessary to consult a doctor. The problem is easy to cure yourself using proven folk remedies.

  • Cold. Apply a cold compress to the injury site as soon as possible, securing it with a pressure bandage. Under the influence of cold, the vessels will narrow, the bleeding will stop, and the swelling of the tissues will decrease. The radius of the hematoma will be minimal.
  • Compress. After a day to the bruise is recommended to apply a warm compress. It will lead to the expansion of blood vessels, as a result of which the blood that formed the problem will resolve more quickly.
  • Medicines. Pharmacies offer a wide range of products, for the acquisition of which does not even require a doctor's prescription. At the pharmacy counter, there are also ointments, alcoholic extracts and creams, which in the shortest possible time will help get rid of hematomas and other subcutaneous blood formations.
  • Gels. In the first place on the effectiveness of gel Indovazin. It contains the components of anesthetic and anti-inflammatory action, which will muffle the pain and speed up healing.
  • Iodine net. To accelerate healing, apply on the hematoma several times a day. A great result is shown by a lotion based on a bodyagi.
  • Tincture. Bring the bruise on the leg at home will help tincture prepared from 250 milliliters of vodka and 50 grams of chopped parsley.
  • Onions and Starch. Attach peeled onion petal to the injury site. Healing will also accelerate potato starch, which, after being mixed with water, is applied to the hematoma.

Now you have an idea how to quickly get rid of a bruise on your leg. The remedies that I have listed manage their bruises on their legs quickly and efficiently. If the place of impact is severely swollen, the bruise hurts and does not intend to leave, do not do without expert help. It is possible that this is the tip of the iceberg and the consequence of injury, the treatment of which requires medical intervention.

How to quickly get rid of a bruise on his arm

Bruises - a difficult thing that causes pain and discomfort, spoils the appearance. There are many ways to deal with the problem, but they are effective only with fresh hematomas.

If a person got a bruise, took a few days and only after decided to get rid of him, no advice will help. To smear the inflammation with creams is also necessary in this case, but the effect will not be so bright and lightning. It will only mask him.

If the hematoma is fresh, folk recipes and tips will help. At first glance, they seem too simple and inactive, but in reality this is not the case.

  1. Ice. If you suspect that a recent bruise will cause a bruise, do not hesitate. Act and start by applying ice to the injury site. Wrap ice in a towel before use.
  2. Frost. If there is no ice, find frozen foods in the freezer. Attach any ice packs to the injury site for 20 minutes. The cold constricts the vessels and stops the bleeding. The size of the bruise will be insignificant, and healing will accelerate.
  3. Heat. The next day, be sure to expand the vessels with heat. Use a bottle or heating pad. Inside, pour hot water from the kettle. Be careful not to burn yourself.
  4. Cream "Savior". An effective remedy if properly used. It has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect.
  5. Cabbage and Pineapple. There is medicine in the kitchen. The pain of the cabbage leaf, which boil over boiling water and attach to the hematoma. Similar healing properties and pineapple.
  6. Aromatherapy. It works wonders and effectively fights bruises. Use rosemary or yarrow essential oil. Do not forget, the essential oil is not recommended to be used in its pure form. Mix it with sea buckthorn oil and apply to the point of injury.

If injuries occur frequently and do not go away for a long time for no reason, do not delay the visit to the doctor for a long time. At the hospital, donate blood for tests, then, taking with you the results, go to the surgeon. He will decide what to do in this situation.

Prevention of bruises

Most often, bruises appear in people with weak blood vessels and go much longer. For the appearance of a small hematoma, it is not at all necessary to hit; it is rather hard to press the skin. Moreover, the bruise on the female body is harder to heal than on the male. Ladies have thinner and delicate skin.

Under the influence of impact vessels burst. The blood that flows through them spreads in the area of ​​the injury. In other words, a bruise is a cosmetic defect and microtrauma in one bottle. The lower the defect appeared, the longer it resolves.

The bruises, the elimination of which is not paid attention, disappear in about half a month. During this period, subcutaneous formation changes color. Initially, it is dark blue, and at the end - yellow-green.

If bruises are tortured constantly, be sure to strengthen the walls of blood vessels. Contrast shower will help. Temperature drops increase the elasticity of the vessel walls. During the water treatment, massage the skin where the problem occurs frequently.

Strengthen the walls of blood vessels consumption of sweet peppers and oranges. These products are rich in vitamin "C", strengthens blood vessels. To restore the balance of the vitamin will help a carrot or decoction of wild rose.

So the story in which you learned how to quickly get rid of a bruise came to an end. If this formation appears, eliminate it quickly and at no cost. See you!

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