How to pump up your hands at home man and girl

Hello dear readers! For novice athletes, pumping hands is a big problem. For months, they put their hands on physical exertion, but there is no result. Therefore, I propose to understand how to pump up the muscles of the arms at home to a man and a girl.

Shock training program

Exercises provided by the program, affect the muscles of the arms: forearm, biceps, triceps and brachialis. Now let's talk about exercises for biceps and triceps.

  • Arm flexion. Exercise perform with a narrow grip. The distance between the hands on the bar of the bar is 20 cm, so the biceps heads will receive the optimal load.
  • Bending the arms on an inclined bench. Exercise will require dumbbells. Due to the inclination of the back biceps stretch to the limit. To perform the hand bend together or take turns.
  • Concentrated lift. Exercise allows you to finish the biceps. With it, increase the height of the biceps in a reduced state.
  • Arm extension on the block with a neutral grip. Affects the triceps. That is why the handle should have parallel handles. Alternatively, use a thick rope.
  • Arm Extensions. Triceps is trained. At the lowest point it stretches, which increases the level of efficiency of the exercise. It is recommended to use the disc from the barbell instead of dumbbells.

The program is based on the principle of supersets. After completing the exercise, immediately proceed to the second without pauses and breathes.

  1. First of all, train your biceps. Take the barbell and do several warm-up approaches using a small weight, bending the arms with a narrow grip.
  2. Next, relax a bit and start working approach, increasing the weight of the bar. Work on biceps to capacity. Since the approach is heavy, more than 10 repetitions will not work.
  3. Now comes the superset. First of all, make a bend on an inclined bench, and then switch to bending with a barbell. Do each exercise 10 times.
  4. Take a minute pause. Then finish the biceps with concentrated flexions. This completes the muscle training. Switch to the triceps.
  5. Use the program once a week or less. It all depends on the speed of recovery of the body. If you practice three times a week, replace one lesson with a shock program. As for the two remaining workouts, do not perform hand exercises.

Thanks to the shock exercises quickly make your hands massive and curly at home.

Exercises at home

If, in spite of attacks and rapid attacks, approaches and additions, your hands refuse to increase in volume, it means that you are using the wrong hand pumping technique at home.

I note that to pump up your hands at home is real. In this section of the article I will tell you useful tips along with the structure of an effective workout, which will help to realize the dream within the apartment.

Immediately I will warn you that we will shake hands without special equipment, the cost of which is striking in size. However, in time to workout to relax will not work. Let's start.

  • After each workout your hands should rest. If you constantly work on, do not count on growth. Since the arm muscles are small, they overwork.
  • After completing one cycle, rest for two weeks. Then go to the new exercises, using a heavier weight.
  • Be sure to train strength. The French dumbbell bench press is suitable for this. At the same time, increase weekly weight by 5 percent.
  • The biceps training program involves flexing the arms. Therefore, regularly catch up. With this wonderful exercise, increase your biceps muscle mass and strength. If you easily perform 10 pull-ups, it means that the turn has come to think about the additional load.
  • After each workout, I recommend to stretch. Stretching the muscles contributes to the elongation of the fascia, which provides an increase in volume.
  • Do not disregard the forearm. If they are weak, do not pump your biceps. Wear pads on the bar. Working with a thickened type neck will increase grip strength.
  • Feet too swing. Their training causes the body to switch to an anabolic mode, which contributes to the accumulation of growth hormone. At the same time, other muscles get more substance. So make friends with lunges and squats.
  • Additional muscles will help to build muscles. Before training, use caffeine tyrosine, which has a positive effect on mental concentration. In the process of training I recommend to use useful amino acids that contribute to the conservation of intensity. After a workout, provide the body with access to sublimated proteins.
  • Eat tight. If the body weight does not grow, it makes no sense to increase the volume of the arms. Constantly saturate the body with protein, fats and carbohydrates. About special diets for athletes talk later.
  • Imagine what the hands will be after three months. Perhaps the results are far from ideal, but their presence is already a small success. Measure hands daily do not advise. Better focus on weight and nutrition.
  • Recovery is the key to success. It promotes good sleep. Do not disregard the massage, walks, saunas and steam baths. All this will speed up and improve the procedure of recovery of the body.

Exercise videos

I have put useful knowledge at your disposal. It remains for you to implement them in practice and soon the impressive “banks” will appear under the sleeves of the T-shirt.

How to pump up the hands of a girl at home

Did you know that daily strength exercises are extremely useful. This allows you to look good, increase self-esteem, tone muscles, slow down aging.

I will tell you how to pump up the hands of a girl at home. Undoubtedly, girls do not need powerful hands. They are interested in skin tightening to look beautiful. To do this, it is enough to carry out a large number of approaches using a small weight.

Imagine a set of exercises with which you can effortlessly correct your hands.

  1. Push ups. Exercise is focused on the triceps and make the hands graceful. Take a standard position and lower the torso to the ground, then return to the starting position. 15 reps is enough. If hard, lean on your knees.
  2. Swing hands. Take a handful of small dumbbells and put your feet shoulder-width apart. Hands apart and bring in front of you. As in the first case, the number of repetitions is 15.
  3. Arm flexion. Exercise makes biceps work, which contributes to the burning of body fat. Stand straight. Hands with dumbbells in turn, bend, pressing your elbows to your waist.
  4. French bend. Triceps are trained. Sit on a chair, take a dumbbell with both hands, put it behind your head and move up and down along your back.
  5. Pull-ups. Focused on training biceps. Enough to pull up 15 times. If not strong enough, hang. It strengthens the muscles.
  6. Mahi through the sides. Sit on the bench, straighten your back and spread your arms to the sides with dumbbells. Raise your hands up, and reduce your palms.
  7. Concentrated flexion. Sitting on a chair, lean one elbow in the thigh. Lower hand with dumbbells down. Raise the projectile up 15 times and change hands. Do not forget about the rest.

Remember, dear ladies, if you dream of tightened hands without flaws, exercise with light dumbbells. The maximum weight of the sports equipment should not exceed 2 kilograms.

Daily activities, which do not require much time and effort, will help to find tightened and beautiful hands. You need a little desire and perseverance, and the result will not keep you waiting.

How to pump up the hands of a man

Guys dream of big and powerful hands, because this is a sign of strength and courage. How wonderful wide wrists look, especially if they are emphasized with biceps and embossed triceps.

An important role in the pumping of hands is played by genetics, and the training program should not be sidelined.

Triceps is the largest muscle group located on the arm. It easily responds to the load and develops. If you train correctly, the triceps will increase to a decent amount. Triceps has three heads and for training it is better to use basic exercises that affect all points.

There are isolating exercises, including the French bench press with the upper block. Their impact is too weak. Considered to be more effective mnogosustavnye exercises: bench press and push-ups on the uneven bars. We will talk about them.

  • I recommend pushing out on wide bars so that the load falls on the triceps. When exercising, keep your back level.
  • Classes with a barbell narrow grip in the supine position require proper technology, otherwise the load will shift to the deltas and chest muscles. Do not separate your elbows to the sides in the process of lifting the projectile, because it involves the pectoral muscles.
  • Aim for elbows to move along the body. If there are difficulties with the observance of technology, reduce the weight of the bar by removing a few pancakes.

To get the result, work with the bar and push the bars. For biceps, these exercises are basic, which is not the case for the French press and other options.

As for training the forearm, without mastering the hard basic exercises, it is useless. Deadlift along with pull-ups will strengthen the group of muscles of the forearm, making it elastic and massive. Let's talk about the exercises that deserve the most attention.

  1. Hang on the crossbar. Exercise seems simple, but it is not. It trains endurance. The more you can hang, the more massive your forearms will become.
  2. The second exercise involves the use of a short neck with low weight. It is recommended to perform on a special simulator. Make the top ten movements up and then the same amount down.
  3. The third exercise strengthens the tendons. This has a positive effect on the strength of palm squeeze and grip. Push your fingers about fifty times. For six months, the grip will change, and the forearm will increase.

Hands need less time to recover than other muscle groups. This feature is taken into account during the preparation of a set of exercises.

Since you are interested in increasing the volume of muscles, I do not recommend using the program of professional athletes. It provides a high load on the muscles. For normal growth of muscle mass in the home enough for two or three basic exercises.

Exercises for teenagers

Every self-respecting teenager wants to have a sports figure. And it is not surprising, because girls like pumped up guys, and hooligans are not in a hurry to get involved with such sturdy people. Even at an early age, boys look at themselves in the mirror, assessing the attractiveness of the body. As practice shows, they are often disappointed.

They do not understand that a beautiful body is the result of perseverance and labor. Starting the development of muscles and bones is necessary since childhood, following the rules. Only in this case, exercise will not harm the body.

Muscles in adolescents are different from the muscles of a man in structure and composition. They contain little myoglobin, so it is difficult to endure enhanced workouts, and fatigue quickly covers up with the head. For this reason, adolescents involved in the adult program have stretch marks, fractures and injuries.

Up to 16 years, adolescents are not recommended to expose the spine to vertical loads. At this age there is a lot of moisture in the articular bones. Consequently, the teenage body is more elastic and flexible.

This feature of the adolescent body during intensive training provokes stretch marks and sprains. In the worst case, the child will get a hernia. At this age, the use of barbells and weights is prohibited. For these purposes, use your weight.

Up to the age of 16, adolescents are advised to dose physical activity. At the same time advise to engage in sports, which contributes to the normal growth and development of the body. Teenagers are forbidden to work with barbells, weights and heavy dumbbells. Otherwise, the exercises will slow down the growth of the child, who will become a short sturdy.

  • Teenagers can not perform daily strength exercises. At this age, I recommend building muscle mass gradually. Work out every other day, giving 40 minutes of training. Until the next time the body will rest.
  • Up to 16 years old teenager is allowed to pull up on the bar and push-ups. With these exercises, he pumps up his biceps and triceps. As for weights and dumbbell, use in training only after you learn how to perform 20 pull-ups. These results indicate that the body is ready for serious pursuits.
  • At this age, do not disregard the expander. A tiny sports device will increase the endurance of the muscles, making it stylish and elastic.
  • It is impossible to pump up arms and other parts of the body without eating protein-rich foods. Therefore, eat cottage cheese, meat and dairy products. As for diets, quick snacks and food on the run, refuse such meals. Otherwise, do not count on a good result.

Summing up, I will add that the teenager will pump up his hands on condition of proper nutrition and good sleep. It is also useful to quit smoking. Poor food, along with inadequate rest and grueling workouts will not allow you to get results.

Video exercises for teens

For the sake of maintaining the attractive proportions of the figure, it is recommended that a teenager train all muscle groups. After pumping your arms, pay a little attention to the press, back, shoulders and neck.

Any athlete, regardless of gender or age, is recommended to adhere to several rules, otherwise the training will be unsuccessful.

Sleep 8-9 hours, otherwise the effectiveness of training will decrease, which will negatively affect muscle growth.

Get rid of nicotine addiction, because cigarettes violate the metabolism. Stop drinking, because alcohol removes beneficial elements from the body. I'm not saying that it is forbidden to overturn a glass for a holiday. But everything should be within the normal range.

The effectiveness of training depends on how balanced the diet. Muscle growth per pound of weight requires two grams of protein. Therefore, experts recommend athletes to follow a protein diet.

Do not interfere with the goal and vitamins with minerals. Fortunately, a vitamin complex is sold in any pharmacy. See you!

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