Are there banks that do not check credit history?

How to find a bank that does not check the credit history and will issue a loan in case of violations committed earlier when borrowing?

Banks do not check credit history if you do not want this

No bank checks the credit history without the consent of the borrower. In the application for a loan there is a special item that either states the bank’s right to check the credit dossier or asks the client’s desire for verification. Without such an item, the lender does not have the right to request personal data from the Credit History Bureau.

If you do not want the bank to dig into your past, you can refuse by noting the answer "no" to the question: "do you mind asking for a credit history", or write by hand that you do not allow this when checking your identity. A written refusal to check the borrowing history will not guarantee that the bank will not check your relations with other banks through its own channels, having entrusted the check to the security service.

Such behavior threatens in most cases with a refusal to issue a loan, since the bank will consider that you have something to hide, and your reputation as a borrower is far from perfect.

Which bank to contact with a bad credit history?

To increase the chances of obtaining a loan, it is worth initially choosing a bank that is not interested in past problems with creditors.

The least loyal organizations that provide express loans in a few hours. The rate on such loans is much higher than on standard products, when the decision is based on full information about the identity of the potential borrower. Urgent loans can be obtained at a lower rate if you collect the most complete set of documents in advance and provide a certificate of income and a copy of the workbook. This information will help the bank learn more about solvency and reduce the risk, which will positively affect the proposed lending conditions.

Another way to reduce risks and increase the likelihood of not checking the credit history. To do this, you must contact the bank, where you receive a salary, working as a police officer or archaeologist. For example, Sberbank will check the history of interaction with it when participating in a payroll project and will consider the application in a few minutes. Accordingly, there is no question of checking the history and the request in the BIC.

The solution to financial difficulties may be to appeal to the bank issuing credit cards. The credit limit issued on the card will be small, but if you use the card regularly and pay the debt on it in a timely manner, you can ask to increase the limit.

As a rule, after 3-6 months of using the card, the limit can be increased from several tens of thousands to 100 thousand rubles and more.

Rational credit card will give access to borrowed funds for 1-3 years and will not have to re-apply to the bank. The use of opportunities of the grace period will save on interest payments.

Needless to say bad credit history?

If you do not want to use borrowed funds at a higher interest rate, contact a bank that offers better terms for borrowing, but will definitely check your credit history.

Helpful advice. If there really were problems with repayment of obligations to credit organizations in the past, honestly indicate this in the questionnaire or in a personal conversation with a loan officer and explain the reasons for breach of contract terms. This may affect the approval of the application, but will increase the confidence of the bank in you, as a borrower.

An important proof of decency will be the documentary evidence of the reasons for the delay, for example, a record in the employment dismissal, sick leave, a divorce certificate, a certificate of no claims from the former creditor to date.

Prove that the problems that caused the delay, solved, and you have already found a new high-paying job, recovered or experienced family difficulties. When the fault of the negative record in the credit file lies on the bank itself or the delay occurred for technical reasons, you can receive a written confirmation from the former creditor.

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