How to become more attractive for men - the best advice

A woman wants to be attractive and like men, regardless of age. When she feels attractive, the whole world is painted with bright colors and inner beauty comes out, forcing others to pay attention to the smile and eyes.

8 top tips

Appearance plays a role in the attractiveness of women for men. It is necessary to monitor the figure, eat right. So you can immediately "kill" two hares: to achieve a slim figure that men will certainly mark, and get rid of health problems.

  • Communicate openly. If you are paying attention, do not break it or leave, showing how mysterious and inaccessible you are. Such behavior condemns a woman to loneliness. If you close yourself from people with a dull wall of inaccessibility, a slim figure will not help.
  • Do not be afraid to show reciprocity. Let the man understand that he is cute and it is a pleasure to communicate with him. Do not think that only a man should confess feelings, and women only accept. This is a wrong opinion. Correctly flirt with men, if necessary, come first.
  • Do not be ashamed of feelings. It is better to say about them to the chosen one, so that later you don’t regret that the relationship did not work out.
  • Remember the sense of proportion. If you overdo it in flirting, spoil everything. Do not impose, the annoying lady will have to learn, if there is a need to shut up in time, men will appreciate it. For men, it is important when they listen and hear.
  • Learn to listen. When asking questions to the man, listen carefully, trying to notice the style of communication. If a man speaks slowly, do not rush, speak slowly and vice versa, if he speaks quickly, try to maintain his style. Remember what the conversation is about, what the man refers to, what he quotes, then to return. Communication creates the impression that the man knows you that it was in you that he found your soul mate.
  • Praise a man. Women's promotion is necessary, although it is not recognized. It is he who expects praise from a woman to whom he is not indifferent. A person will be inspired when he is praised, as if a second wind will open or wings will grow behind his back. He will feel more confident and surpass himself. Take advantage of this potent remedy, encourage your chosen one on time, and he will consider you the best, charming and extraordinary. Praise is not annoying. Praise sincerely, not ingratiatingly.
  • Do not complain about life and do not discuss life difficulties and problems.. Tense talk about health problems, talking about household issues, about problems in the family. It is better to treat all troubles with humor. Be cheerful and smile, keep untold intrigue, become a mysterious stranger that radiates positive emotions.
  • Do not be afraid to appear weak. Make it clear to a man that you need him. Let him feel strong, courageous and reliable. Just do not abuse, do not descend to the likeness of a capricious lady that requires attention. There must be a sense of proportion in everything.

Video secrets

Secrets of female attractiveness

Regarding the attractiveness of a single recipe there. Men are different, what one likes, the other doesn’t care. There are trends that are recommended.

  • Makeup
  • Well-groomed skin
  • Hair care
  • clothing
  • Physical exercise
  • Nutrition


Follow the rule: the makeup corresponds to the place and time of day. Day makeup is not bright and defiant. In the evening you can add a little bit of brightness.

If a woman uses foundation or powder, they are applied minimally to slightly improve the tone of the face and make it uniform. Blush helps to create a pleasant and healthy complexion, and to model it. Blush is chosen not screaming and causing, otherwise the opposite effect will be obtained.

Men pay attention to the figure and eyes. Emphasize and highlight them. Curl your eyelashes with special tweezers, eyeliner or a pencil, make arrows on the upper eyelid and apply mascara to lengthen them.

Lipstick use natural color. For evening makeup, you can choose a bright and rich.

Well-groomed skin

Love your skin, even if it has flaws. Shea butter, added to the cream, helps to even out the tone of the face, and tea tree oil helps to fight acne. If you add rosemary oil in a night cream, gradually get rid of acne.

Take a bath with foam, sea salt, oils and skin will become soft, velvety. Fruits and vegetables will also help. It is necessary to regularly carry out exfoliating procedures and wash with cool water.

Hair care

Well-groomed hair no less attracts a man. Make it a rule to regularly visit a beauty salon, where they will make a stylish hairstyle and manicure, correct eyebrows. Do not copy others, find your own style that emphasizes individuality.

At home, care for your hair, making nourishing masks. If you do not like the color of hair, touch up. Cosmetologists advise not to dye hair more than one tone, as regrown hair roots stand out noticeably after a while. Paint is better to use without ammonia, so you can save hair. Women constantly use hair dryers or curling. It is also harmful. Use heat protection sprays that will preserve hair with a natural shine and healthy color.


Choose clothing that emphasizes dignity and hides flaws. Men prefer femininity, prefer skirts and dresses. Drawing on the dress should not be large and "flashy", this man will not appreciate. The dress should not overly fit the figure, it is better semi-fitting from flowing fabric.

You can wear any skirt. Do not tease a man and do not wear a too short skirt. She will not leave room for his fantasies and soon the interest in the person will pass. Better wear a skirt above the knees, even if you have beautiful legs. Ideally, if there is a cut or smell on the skirt, it will most likely attract the attention of men.

Blouses or blouses pick up neutral colors, a fabric that is pleasant to the touch and transmits the warmth of the body. Focus on the chest, this is another element that attracts the eyes of men, only that the neckline is not too open. Do not wear too transparent blouse, which immediately reveals the secrets of underwear.

To make legs slim, wear shoes with heels. Avoid overly high heels and shoes on an awesome platform. A man may not appreciate the effort. Most importantly, shoes should be comfortable so as not to be distracted from the romantic mood by the feet worn in blood.

Under the clothes should be beautiful clothes, and the perfume should be refined, thin and not too sharp. Following the rules, the attention of men is guaranteed.

Modeling the body

To look slim and beautiful, do not be lazy and change your life. Make it a rule to go to the gym or train yourself to exercise every day, let it go back to normal and become a habit.

Start small. Let morning exercises be the minimum time, 5 minutes, then every day increase the time and load. It is difficult to start, there is a mass of excuses and reasons for not doing exercises. The main thing - do not give up and do not be lazy, showing weakness. If you overcome the difficulties, in the future you will not be able to start the day without charging. And believe me, life will sparkle with other colors.

Change the power

Train yourself to have breakfast. In the breakfast should be combined complex carbohydrates, proteins, juice or fruit. It is better to have breakfast no later than one hour after waking up. Refuse snacking with chips, kirieshkami, hamburgers, sweet soda, such food adds calories. Use nuts or fruits as intermediate snacks. Discard canned products, fatty and fried. Steam or boil, include vegetable salads in the diet.

Eat at one time, do not skip lunch or dinner, do not starve yourself. The body must receive calories, it is the basis of proper nutrition. Do not eat dinner too tight. Poultry meat, lean fish, vegetable salads, boiled potatoes, cereals are allowed.

If you follow the rules, you will get rid of extra pounds and improve health. Try to hold the weight. This is how willpower is developed, a person becomes assembled and responsible. Soon you will notice that the reflection in the mirror will please, which means that there is a chance to please men.

You know how to conquer a man so that he has a desire to meet with you. But you must be honest with yourself. If after reaching the goal it turns out that the man does not fit, retreat and do not pretend, happiness will not increase. Choose a decent one, and so that he can see in you too a decent, charming and attractive woman, a woman of a dream!

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