How to drink tequila and what to eat - recommendations and video tips

For residents of Mexico, namely this country is the birthplace of the drink, it does not matter how to drink tequila correctly with salt and lemon. For Europeans, drinking is a real ritual, which requires certain skills and knowledge.

Correct drinking ritual

The mysterious and incendiary drink has many names. Among them are "Mexican vodka", "cactus moonshine" and others. The official name is tequila.

To understand how to drink tequila correctly, it is not necessary to go to Mexico and communicate with local people. Although, if you like tourism, do so. In general, it is enough to study the ways of using "Mexican vodka".

In total, five varieties of tequila are produced, including gold, silver, seasoned, rested, seasoned in high grade. And species are used in different ways.

What is required for proper use?

  1. Tequila
  2. Lime
  3. Cinnamon
  4. Orange
  5. High pile with a large bottom
  6. Sugar
  7. Salt

Let's imagine what the listed ingredients and kitchen utensils are. Now it's time to learn the subtleties of using "moonshine from a cactus."

Drinking method number 1

I propose to start a tasting with a silver variety. I will describe the most popular way to use.

  1. In a special pile pour a little Mexican alcoholic drink at room temperature.
  2. Lime or lemon cut into four parts. If the fruit is large, divided into lobules.
  3. In a dimple, which is located between the index finger and the thumb, pour a little salt.
  4. It remains to lick the salt, gulp drink a pile of tequila and eat a slice of lemon.

Drinking method number 2

The second method is traditional for drinking establishments and involves the use of a golden variety.

  1. Special pile filled with tequila.
  2. Orange medium size cut into half rings.
  3. Pour some sugar into the container, add a bit of cinnamon powder and mix everything thoroughly.
  4. Drink a stack in one gulp and eat a slice of orange, which is pre-roll in a mixture of cinnamon and sugar.

Expensive, seasoned varieties of "Mexican vodka" are recommended to be used only in its pure form in order to enjoy the excellent aroma.

Drinking tequila with salt and lemon

Hot drink appeared in Mexico 400 years ago. No wonder that many of his fans live there. In Russia, the culture of consumption has just begun to gain popularity.

Although the drink on the Russian market appeared relatively recently, many compatriots loved him very much. In a short period of time they managed to master the various ways of using "cactus moonshine". I'll tell you how to drink tequila with salt and lemon.

Tequila is a strong alcoholic drink, so they drink it in small portions from the stacks. Mexicans use tall narrow glasses.

Salt and lemon - the most common way. It is noteworthy that it was not Europeans who invented it. For the sake of enhancing the culture of drinking, they came up with a real ritual.

  1. Before the procedure, prepare lemon - cut into thin slices.
  2. Pour tequila into a glass. Squeeze a few drops of lemon juice on the back of your hand and pour in a little salt.
  3. After exhaling, lick the grains of salt from your hand, drink a drink and quickly eat a lemon. After that, exhalation is allowed.

The procedure of use is simple and fascinating at the same time. If the way seems extreme, change it. Take instead of lemon and salt oranges and cinnamon. And another option - moisten the rim of the glasses with lemon juice and dip in salt. After that, pour the drink in the bowl. Put the lemon on a plate and place side by side.

Comic video clip, how not to drink tequila

Tequila is made different. We are talking about the fortress, endurance, cost. In particular, the Blanco variety is bottled without exposure and is characterized by the intense aroma of agave. Grade Gold has a golden hue due to the addition of dyes. Variety Reposado, like brandy, kept in oak barrels for 2-12 months. It is not difficult to guess that the cost of such a drink is higher. The flavor of agave in this tequila is not too bright, but this is more than offset by the taste and aftertaste.

How to drink Olmek tequila

Olmek's tequila is a Mexican national premium class spirit drink. Olmeki drinking rules are developed for a reason, because following them allows you to fully enjoy the excellent taste of expensive alcohol. Consider the three most common ways.

Classic way

  1. In a wide glass of small size pour tequila. Next to put a plate with salt and a quarter of lime. The taste of the fruit perfectly with the "Mexican vodka."
  2. Pour a little salt in the recess near the thumb and squeeze a little juice from the lime.
  3. Ingredients located on the hand, gently lick, empty the glass and eat fruit. If you don't like lime, take a lemon.
  4. Mexicans add to Olmek a soft drink called sangrita. It is made from chili pepper, tomato and orange juice.

Olmeca is used differently. Before drinking, they eat a slice of lemon or eat lime, sprinkled with salt.

Method "Rapido"

  1. Olmeca is served with tonic. Cover the glass with the mixture with your hand and hit the bottom of the table top. This is followed by drinking a drink.
  2. A blow to the table makes tequila seethe. In our country, the method is called "Tequila Boom".

Lime Drink

The third method is the most interesting, because in this case, the lime simultaneously plays the role of a glass and snacks.

  1. Lime gently cut in half, slowly remove the pulp and slightly flatten the bottom. This allows you to make two "fruit cups".
  2. Edges of edible dishes salt and pour chilled tequila.
  3. It remains to drink alcohol and eat a glass.

3 video ways

What drink and snack tequila

The use of tequila is a real ritual. Snacking is made with lime and salt. Argued that this method is used most often in Mexico. Oddly enough, this tradition is rooted in the past.

At the beginning of the last century, there was a flu epidemic in Mexico. Doctors, trying to help the people of the country, recommended tequila with lemon and salt.

Usually, people are not limited to a single glass of alcohol, and the prospect of eating a lot of salt is not many people like it. So, if you do not want to get very drunk from the drink, take care of a normal snack.

  1. Meat Snacks. Perfect option. Juicy pork, roast lamb or meatballs are perfectly combined with "Mexican vodka."
  2. Unusual dishes. Served with tequila and unusual dishes - tacos, burritos, shawarma and other appetizers.
  3. Seafood. Snack on salted salmon, fried pollack or mussels.
  4. Cocktails. On the basis of tequila make cocktails, including "Margarita". True, real fans do not advise it to be mixed with other components for the sake of preserving the original taste.
  5. "Sangrita". Tequila is recommended to drink. Best suited "Sangrit" - a mixture of pepper, orange and tomato juice.
  6. Alcohol. Mexicans sometimes drink tequila at home with other alcohol, including scotch and brandy. True, the mixture will knock down even an experienced alcohol fan. So use it carefully.

If there is an event, the main alcohol of which will be tequila, it will be known what to serve and what to eat.

I believe that tequila is a universal alcoholic drink that can be consumed in its pure form and in combination with other alcohol. It cannot be said that strict requirements are made to the snack.

Do not forget that excessive alcohol consumption can adversely affect health. See you again!

Watch the video: How To: Tequila Shots, Done Right (January 2020).

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