How to salt milk mushrooms for the winter in banks in two ways

You do not need to be a genius in the field of network technologies to learn how to salt milk for the winter in a hot and cold way. These mushrooms are white handsome men, waving their hats on the forest glades.

Step-by-step recipe salting salmon for the winter

Recipes for salting for the winter appeared long ago. In the CIS, salted milk mushrooms are considered to be a delicious dish. It is noteworthy that in a number of European countries, people do not eat these mushrooms, considering them inedible.

Making breasts delicacy is easy if properly prepared for salting. The main secret of salting - the correct sequence of actions for the preparation. Use the simple and versatile recipe that I share. Even if you have not salted milk mushrooms, with the help of tips you can easily cope with the task.

  1. Mushrooms clean, wash and cut the legs. They are not used for pickling. So do not be surprised if in the plate that you put, you find one cap.
  2. Milk soak. If this is not done, they will taste bitter. Put the caps in a shallow and wide container with the tips upwards. Lay in layers. Then fill with water and soak for two days.
  3. Every day, water in the dishes change. This unpretentious procedure will remove bitterness from the mushrooms and get rid of the juice that tastes unpleasant.
  4. At the end of the "water treatment" mushrooms, weigh to determine the amount of salt. According to the standard, for one kilogram of product 40 grams of salt.
  5. Milk taken to pickle in wooden barrels. If there is no such container, use ceramic vessels or glass jars.
  6. Put some salt on the bottom of a barrel or other container and lay green leaves of cherry, horseradish or currant in layers.
  7. Next comes a layer of mushrooms. Put the caps down, then salt, add a couple of dill stalks, a few cloves of garlic and black pepper.
  8. Be sure to sprinkle the subsequent layers with salt and spices until the barrel is full.
  9. Cover the last layer with a clean canvas and a circle of wood. Place a load on top.
  10. Move the dishes to a cool place. Somewhere in 30 days the treat will be ready for use.

If you fail to calculate the amount of salt from the first time, do not be in a hurry to get upset. Too salted mushrooms can be saved by soaking in milk.

How to salt mushrooms in a hot way

I often go to visit. But, none of the friends on the table I have ever seen at least a small plate of fragrant, mouth-watering, tasty and crunchy salty mushrooms. And this is despite the fact that these mushrooms are an ideal table decoration and an integral part of the New Year's menu. Their absence is due to the fact that friends do not know the technology of salting.

Many housewives, including me, stew, boil, pickle and salt the milk mushrooms, but the crown of superiority belongs to salted mushrooms, which are served at the table as a snack or addition to the main treat.

Let's imagine that the last mushroom hunt was successful. With the help of the recipe, you can easily make a treat. The listed products are designed for one kilogram of salmon.

  • salt - 20 g
  • fresh dill seeds
  • garlic - 2 heads
  • horseradish leaves
  • bell pepper
  • carnation grains
  • cabbage leaves, currants and cherries.
  1. At the initial stage, clean and rinse the mushrooms using a brush or a hard sponge.
  2. Forest product boil for a third of an hour in water with salt. Use an enamel pan.
  3. During the cooking process, prepare the brine. Spices, with the exception of garlic and horseradish, pour into a saucepan with water and bring to a boil.
  4. Steamed mushrooms strain to water glass. Then, send in brine and cook for 30 minutes.
  5. After the time, add horseradish, berry leaves and garlic to the brine with spices and mushrooms. These ingredients recommend evenly distributed in the mushroom mass.
  6. Brine cover with cabbage leaves, pre-scalded them with boiling water. Place a base for oppression and oppression on top.
  7. Upon completion of the action, place the container with mushrooms in a cool room for 5 days. At the same time, the brine should completely cover the milk mushrooms. If this is not done, they will stick together and lose their appearance.
  8. After 5 days, spread on the banks for the winter, fill with brine and roll up the lids. In order not to soured, add a spoonful of vegetable oil to each jar.
  9. It remains to remove the container in a cool room for six weeks. After 45 days you can enjoy the taste of salted mushrooms.

I advise you to serve the table as a whole with garlic and vegetable oil, or season the dish with sour cream.

Cold salting

Not all mushroom pickers like the hot method of salting salmon in the home. Therefore, they prefer the cold version of salting. As you know, both methods are suitable for salting mushrooms and Ryzhikov.

When sorting mushrooms collected in the forest, select strong and small mushrooms and pickle them in a way that you like. The technology of hot salting we considered. Now let's talk about the cold way.

It is noteworthy that dry and fresh milk mushrooms salted the same way. Therefore, I recommend the main focus on soaking. The procedure is extremely important. Before starting the pickling, clean and rinse the mushrooms well, as you do not need to boil it. To facilitate the task will help the use of brushes, sponges and brushes.

  • milk mushrooms - 5 kg
  • salt - 500 g
  • dill tubes
  • horseradish leaves
  • currant and cherry leaves
  • garlic
  1. Put the cleaned and washed mushrooms in a glass or enamel bowl. A wide pan, basin or bucket will do.
  2. Milk fill with water and cover with a large plate. Put oppression on top, then carry it out in a cool place for three days. Water change daily several times.
  3. After 72 hours, remove the milk from the pan, sprinkle with salt and place in containers that will be salted.
  4. Between the layers make a pillow of horseradish and garlic. When the container is full, cover with gauze folded several times. On top of the gauze, put the sheets of horseradish and the remaining greens.
  5. On the circle, put the oppression that will hide the mushrooms in brine.
  6. Take out the dishes in the cellar for a month. During this period, keep an eye out. Brine should always cover milk mushrooms. Of course, if you do not want the mushrooms to be covered with mold.
  7. After the time is over, put the milk mushrooms in jars without rolling the lids. Keep in a cool place.

This technology of salting allows you to cook clean and white mushrooms. On the basis of them are preparing burgers, appetizers, caviar or salads.

The benefits and harm of gruzdy

In conclusion, add a few words about the benefits and dangers of salvage. This mushroom grows in Siberia, the Urals, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Deciduous forests are rare. The European population knows little about the benefits and harms. As for our country, here the Milk mushrooms are considered the best representatives of the kingdom of mushrooms. And this is no accident.

The benefits of tasty and fragrant mushrooms exceed meat. They contain more protein than food of animal origin. They are salted and pickled, and eaten with onions and sour cream.

The invaluable benefits are known to people suffering from tuberculosis. This fungus neutralizes the disease wand. Regular use helps get rid of urolithiasis and kidney failure.

This natural antibiotic is used to treat serious illnesses. Mushrooms contain many vitamins. They are the source of riboflavin and thiamine. It is not surprising that they are used in the pharmaceutical industry.

Harm due to improper preparation. Milky sap is a part of muzzle, causing poisoning. Careful treatment removes toxins. That is why it is recommended to wash the mushrooms thoroughly and soak them thoroughly at home.

Plus, due to the high calorie content, the milk mushrooms are difficult to digest. Experts do not recommend eating a lot of heavy food. People who suffer from intestinal upset and gastritis know about the dangers of mumps. And the main cause of bad influence is considered to be sufficient fiber content. It is she who does not benefit all.

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