March 8 - International Women's Day. History and zodiac sign

One spring date, which is eagerly awaiting the fair sex - March 8 - International Women's Day. Consider the history of the holiday and what is the sign of the zodiac for people born on this significant day.

March 8 - the sign of the zodiac

On International Women's Day, as on other special dates, a lot of people are born. Each person is unique, but common features can be traced. Let us see what is the sign of the zodiac born on March 8 and highlight the main features, compatibility in relationships and consider the horoscope.

Zodiac sign born on March 8 - Pisces. Contrary to this, such people are very similar to Aquarius. Usually they are hardworking individuals, striving for prosperity and social position.

Pisces are distinguished by a developed imagination and insight, artistic taste and aestheticism. They like expensive gizmos and luxurious life. However, not everyone can achieve such a result.


  1. Men, born on March 8, are often injured. It is difficult to say why this is happening, but it is a fact. That is why it is advised to be careful and cautious when traveling and traveling, playing sports and doing physical work.
  2. Pisces enjoy getting pleasure and pleasure. They easily become prisoners of addiction. Not only food is dangerous for them, but also drugs and bad habits. Only one way out - a healthy lifestyle.
  3. Fish are by their nature strong and enduring personalities. For the sake of saving their own nervous system, they often need to rest, avoid stressful situations, keep themselves in hand, and not succumb to provocations.

Work and career

  1. The life path of people born on March 8 is individual. They respect traditions, but do not pay them much attention. In their opinion, this will adversely affect development and improvement.
  2. Often Pisces is not sure of the correctness of their misdemeanors. For this reason, they are indecisive: they revise their own conclusions many times, they are not in a hurry to move to active actions. Some of them become archaeologists, DJs and even millionaires.
  3. People who celebrate the birthday of March 8, become the authors of projects and ideas. Society is not always happy to meet them, which makes Pisces constantly defend themselves.
  4. Among Pisces there are frivolous and irresponsible personalities. This character trait prevents the formation of friendly relations. Look for Pisces friends in the category of "useful" people.
  5. Pisces often become players and actors. They like extravagance and shocking. These features they do not demonstrate. You should not be surprised if a person after many years of a quiet life makes a shocking act.

I will add that a person born on March 8 is usually intelligent, intuitive, strong, and has developed imagination and knowledge. It turns out charming nature.

March 8 holiday story

March 8 is World Women's Day, when women's achievements in the field of economics, politics and social life are celebrated.

The celebration of women's day is not distinguished by the goal of equality. This is the day of spring, feminine wisdom, tenderness and beauty. On this date, men of the planet show special attention to women. This was not always the case.

The subject of further conversation will be the story of the holiday. I will tell you what path women have gone in order for the holiday to be granted the right to exist.

For the first time the idea of ​​holding a Women's Day appeared at the beginning of the last century. At that moment, the era of demographic boom, upheaval and expansion, the emergence of radical ideas began for industrialized countries.

In Copenhagen in early 1910, a conference of working women was held. During the event, Klara Zetkin, the leader of the women's group of the German Social Democratic Party, proposed to celebrate women's day in all countries of the world on one date. The purpose of the holiday - the struggle of the representatives of the weaker sex for their own rights.

The holiday received official status only in 1975 by the UN. The women of the world were able to come together and pay homage to the traditions that personify the long struggle for development, peace, justice and equality. On March 8, there is a holiday of women who took part in the creation of history.

Modern International Women's Day is a spring holiday, when men of the planet pay much attention to their wives and women, shower them with care, present gifts and say warm words.

On this note, I will complete the article. You have learned what the International Women's Day is and when the holiday came.

I want to appeal to you, dear men. You know how hard life is for a woman. Do not be lazy and arrange for your "angel" a real holiday with flowers, sweets and warm words. Believe me, those positive emotions and impressions that your woman will get will be enough for a whole year.

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