How to become a good wife for a husband - secrets and rules

How to become a good wife for a husband? This question is asked by many women. No wonder, as they strive to become full-fledged custodians of the family hearth.

6 useful tips from personal experience

If a woman creates a favorable atmosphere in the house, the husband begins to improve, appreciates it and seeks not to be left alone.

In this section, I will share my personal experience. I managed to bring family relationships to a new level.

  1. Respect your spouse. Over the years, love will fade, but respect must be present. Spouse - reliable support and protection.
  2. Be original. Life is accompanied by boring everyday life. If you woke up before your spouse, go to the bathroom and write warm words on the mirror. He will like the surprise. After work, do not sit at home. Go for a walk with him or to the cinema.
  3. Looks perfect at home, at work and on weekends. If you are going to work, move a restrained marafet. For home pastime enough hair, beautiful dress and tinted eyes. If you want to be the perfect wife, do not wear T-shirts and bathrobes that do not fit or faded.
  4. Everyone deserves a praise. If the husband did not take out the garbage or did not hang the shelf, do not remind about it. Think what he did. Thank him if he has washed the dishes, washed his socks or stroked his shirt. You will see later that the spouse does the work in a timely manner.
  5. Maintain interest in hobbies, health, affairs at work. If the husband is not in the mood, do not try to find out the reason. Later he himself will tell everything.
  6. It's hard to find a man who doesn't like sex. A good wife should be excellent mistress. If you are not in a mood or are tired, do not refuse your husband. Making love will cheer up and recharge with energy.

Relationship psychology

There is nothing abstruse and complicated in the rules. To achieve a result, desire is required.

How to become a good wife for a Muslim husband

Girls are not without reason marry a Muslim. Religion prohibits the use of alcoholic beverages, and for a Muslim family and relationships are a sacred concept.


  1. A Christian can take a Muslim as her husband, without renouncing her faith. Raise children in Christianity can not.
  2. In Muslim society, parents are treated with respect. In such families, the parental word equate to the laws. If the parents oppose the Christian bride, the man will not contradict them and break the relationship.

Women think how to find a man among Muslims, but they pay little attention to their future life with their spouse. It is easy to get acquainted, but before you take a serious step, make sure that you manage to follow the rules and laws of a Muslim family.

If the above is not scary, read on. I will talk about certain features that are not acceptable for every girl. If the decision is made, proceed.

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Rules of Muslim Families

  1. The wife has no right to disobey her husband. Husbands listen to the advice of the spouse, but the last word belongs to the head of the family. Treat your spouse seriously and respectfully.
  2. The wife pleases the spouse and is engaged in housekeeping. These are direct duties. If you want to find a job, the spouse must give consent. Household chores will have to do: prepare to eat, clean the apartment.
  3. Only a husband can admire the body of a Muslim woman. Therefore, women have to hide body parts and jewelry under their garments. Muslim wives are forbidden to look at men, when they meet they lower their eyes.
  4. If the husband wants intimacy, you can not refuse. Exception: illness, hajj, postpartum and menstruation.
  5. A good wife does not leave home without the consent of her spouse. She owns the art of silent walking, asks for permission to visit someone else's home.
  6. A Muslim can have up to four wives. Today it is a rarity, but you need to be ready. If the spouse makes a decision, he will consult.
  7. Listen to your husband, otherwise he will punish. Physical punishment is an extreme measure, but such situations are best avoided.

It is not surprising if the rules prove to be impracticable and complex. But if you went out for a Muslim and became a good wife, you will get a responsive, loyal, honest and devoted family man who does not drink and has excellent moral qualities.

The main thing is to allow personal character to do this. You can find an approach to a man. Everyone has weaknesses. In achieving the goal they will help. Do not drive yourself into the frame, but act.

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