Car sale: step by step instructions, pitfalls, preparation

Over time, the car ceases to arrange the owner - the family has increased, there is not enough space in the cabin, the cottage is bought or a car with a spacious luggage compartment is required. Then you need to sell the old one and buy a new car. Everyone wants to sell a car expensive, but fast. The compatibility of these concepts is good luck.

How to remove scratches: on the car body, in the cabin, on the windshield

The body of the car as the operation is covered with scratches, which act as an unpleasant surprise. It is possible to return the former shine to the transport, having learned how to remove scratches on the car with your own hands without painting. How to remove scratches in the car interior Even the most accurate and careful owner of the car faces scratches in the cabin.

How to paint the car in the garage - instruction and video

Any car periodically needs painting and that is a fact. Even slight damage to the coating leads to corrosion, which destroys the body. Therefore, drivers are interested in how to paint the car in the garage. Step-by-step plan of action Preparing High-quality paint the car will turn out if the car is in a disassembled state.

Car Navigation: How to choose the most popular, how to restore

Every car owner is faced with the question of how to choose a car navigator. Not surprisingly, this uncomplicated equipment makes driving a comfortable, economical, fast, especially in unfamiliar terrain. Main points A recorder or radio recorder has characteristics, parameters, functions, navigation is no exception.

What kind of car to buy for 500,000 rubles

Novice motorists are wondering what kind of car to buy for 500,000 rubles. The sum of half a million rubles is a kind of psychological barrier that novice would not like to overcome. Approximate list of cars Cars offered by the market for 500 thousand money are compact sedans or small hatchbacks.

How to choose a battery for a car

In the article I will tell you how to choose a battery for a car, how to properly charge and recover it. It is not easy for the average consumer to make a choice in terms of an extensive product range. This applies not only to batteries, but also to other parts. How to charge a car battery Humanity has not yet created an inexhaustible source of energy, and batteries and accumulators have to be recharged.

What kind of car to buy a novice driver

Beginner hard to choose the first car. The machine must be reliable and comply with safety requirements. To find such a car is difficult, especially if the budget for the purchase is limited. Therefore, in the article I will tell you what kind of car to buy for a novice driver to a woman and a man. 7 important points in choosing a new car.

How to remove the car from the register if it is not on the move

In today's article I will tell you how to remove the car from the register, if it is not on the go. This procedure is simple. If you plan to sell or donate a car, there is no need to deregister unless there is a conflict with the law. Useful advice If the machine is not on the move, prepare a package of documents, including the original and a photocopy of the passport, the original and a photocopy of the passport, number, certificate of state registration, receipt of payment of duty and a statement.

Car DVR: how to choose those. characteristics, classification

Drivers are increasingly convinced that a car dvr has become a necessity. All sorts of situations and incidents on the road force car owners to resort to using a system that produces video recording around the vehicle and in the cabin. Therefore, the question of how to choose a DVR for a car is relevant.

How to choose a car for yourself and for your wife

The decision to purchase a vehicle occurs suddenly, but often people come to it gradually. In any case, wondering how to choose a good car for yourself or for your wife, so that she does not disappoint. How to choose a new car for yourself and your wife Buying a new car is a holiday for the owner. Often the wrong approach to choosing spoils the feast.

Which cars galvanized body

The galvanized body does not corrode and lasts longer thanks to a special coating - zinc. Not all cars are galvanized, it is an expensive pleasure. Let's look at which cars galvanized body Manufacturers, especially on older cars, use zinc-containing primer. It is cheaper and easier.

How often to change cars

With the purchase of a new car comes confidence that the car will serve for a long time and without problems. Some people use the car for one, two, even 10 years. Such a wide and contrasting variety of indicators does not always depend on the make and quality of the car. Most cases of changing the car arise because of the specificity of the driver of the vehicle.

How to buy a car in Moscow

Before looking for a new car, ask friends and acquaintances, maybe one of them sells a suitable option. As a rule, buying a car from friends is safer. Vehicle Inspection and Verification of Documents Verify documents immediately before inspection. Find out who the vehicle owner is. If the seller is not the owner, check with him permission to sell.

What kind of car to buy for 180,000 rubles

The amount of 180 000 rubles is small, but do not despair. For the money you can find a good option, but over 10 years old or a little younger, but domestic. Foreign car for 180 000 If you choose an old foreign car, pay attention to some details. For 180,000 rubles to find a non-battered car is extremely difficult, so carefully inspect the body.

What to buy a sports car

Sports car thing is pretty tricky and very dangerous. Before buying, consider in advance what this "beast" is for. For tuning and racing or for beauty, because the design of sports cars will not disregard a single passer-by. Let's think about how to buy a sports car and consider the pros and cons of sports cars.