How to remove wrinkles around the eyes at home

The first wrinkles on the face, which a girl can observe in herself, appear at the age of 25 years. These are mimic wrinkles resulting from muscle contractions. With age, wrinkles become deeper due to the irreversible aging processes occurring in the body. One of the most problematic areas is the area around the eyes, so it is important to provide it with proper care and effective prevention.

Biorevitalization is a modern elixir of youth

At a young age, when there are no special problems with the skin, you can use a nourishing and moisturizing cream for facial care, but with the appearance of wrinkles and loss of elasticity, you cannot do without technologically advanced techniques. And here the main role is played by hyaluronic acid (abbreviated as GK). What is biorevitalization? Biorevitalization is the saturation of the deep layers of the skin with low molecular weight hyaluronic acid capable of attracting and retaining moisture.

Coconut oil is your personal cosmetologist and doctor

Long before the tenacious fingers of world cosmetology corporations, they scooped up the industry of female beauty and introduced synthetic preparations and artificial methods of skin and hair care, only natural remedies reigned in this market: tinctures, extracts, extracts, oils.

How to make a keratin hair straightening with your own hands

Only a hundred years ago only wealthy ladies could have beautiful and healthy hair. After all, care for them not only requires a lot of time and effort, but also a lot of money. Today, nothing has changed drastically. Many women can not afford long hair, because they are exposed to negative factors, and to maintain a lively beauty is very difficult and expensive.

How to get rid of gray hair at home

Each person has a scalp on his head. In some, straight, red hair, in others - curly black. But one thing unites everyone - the desire to preserve beauty for as long as possible. And if due to age processes or as a result of a disease, gray hair has appeared, then it becomes necessary to fight it.

Lamination of hair at home

In summer, the scorching rays of the sun have a negative effect on hair. Strands become dry and brittle. Under the influence of winter frosts, they lose their vitality, brilliance and attractiveness. Daily use of hair dryers and irons contributes to the disruption of the structure and the appearance of split ends. Preparation and precautionary measures Before the procedure, you need cleansing, nutrition and hydration.

What lies behind the barbershop: a banal hair salon or a private club for bearded men

The image of a successful man, like branded clothing, an expensive watch on the wrist, is complemented by a stylish haircut and well-groomed beard. The fact that representatives of the strong half of humanity are watching their appearance has not shocked anyone for a long time. How to comply with the trends without breaking the brink of the image of the brutal exchange, and the image of the "coquette" from the male sex?

How to get rid of cellulite on the legs, thighs, buttocks, arms

Cellulite or "orange peel" can cause a lot of problems to its owner. Representatives of the beautiful half suffer from complexes, because their skin loses its smoothness and attractiveness. "Апельсиновая корка" может наблюдаться на бедрах, талии, руках, икрах и даже груди. Так появляются ограничения в подборе гардероба (начиная от купальника и заканчивая длиной юбок и рукавчиков на блузах).

Basic recommendations and proper brushing

Everyone should brush their teeth twice a day, and this should be done correctly. Neglecting oral care is fraught with the development of gum disease, caries, dental plaque, unpleasant smell. Cleaning plaque at home With the appearance of plaque facing 90% of people.

How to tighten the skin on the face and body after losing weight

Every person dreams to be slim and have a beautiful body and elastic skin on the face and body. This can be achieved through sports or diet. However, too drastic weight loss will lead to the fact that the skin on problem areas will become sagging and flabby. To prevent this from happening, a comprehensive method of restoring cover at home is used.

Homemade belly massage for weight loss - types, technique, tips

Stomach - one of the most problematic areas where fat accumulates. When losing weight, regardless of diet, exercise and stress, on the abdomen and sides there is a noticeable fat layer that is difficult to influence and decreases very slowly. Features abdominal massage The effectiveness of massage is confirmed by many patients and doctors.

Homemade slimming wraps - recipes and examples

Wrapping is one of the most accessible, popular and modern cosmetic procedures. Initially, the process was used to combat cellulite. Until now, discussions are underway, from which the volumes disappear - by reducing the fat layer or leaving the liquid. Who needs wrapping and which zones to wrap Wraps are shown both for weight loss and to reduce the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks, scars.

Removal of tartar at home - folk and professional tools

Even the brightest smile will spoil the plaque. Mineralized, it turns into tartar, which is usually formed in hard-to-reach places, from the inside of the tooth, on crowns and bridges. It can be seen with the naked eye - it is a solid formation near the gums or on the side surfaces, has a shade from light yellow to brown.

How to clean your face at home

People experience discomfort from the appearance, if the skin of the face is far from ideal. The main problem is acne or acne, which occurs due to the active work of the sebaceous glands. Preparation of the skin for the procedure Regular cleansing keeps the face young for a long time. Pre-pass the preparatory stage, which determines the effectiveness of the procedure: Clean the skin.

How to get rid of corns on the toes

Wet corns and old tentatives are a hot issue for many people of different age groups. Constant friction and pressure traumatize the skin, causing redness, rejection of the upper layer of the damaged dermis, dehydration of tissues. Lack of proper care for an unwanted defect of the foot will lead to skin thickening, peeling.

Home waxing - instructions and tips

Depilation wax at home for a long time to get rid of unwanted hair. Thanks to waxing, you can not worry about shaving for 3 weeks, which is important for long trips, relaxing with a gentleman or friends. How to prepare for depilation and types of wax Depilation is done when the length of hairs reaches 3 mm.

How to make sugar depilation at home

One of the main factors of grooming for many girls is the absence of unwanted vegetation on the body. To quickly and accurately solve this problem, visit the salon and entrust the procedure to professionals. If you want to save, do the depilation at home. How to Make Sugar Paste There are many recipes for cooking, but they are all based on three basic ingredients: water, lemon juice and sugar.