How to grow nails at home

At the end of the twentieth century, extended nails were a wonder. Today for girls nail extension is a usual cosmetic procedure. The article will tell you how to grow nails at home with gel, silk and acrylic. How to grow nails at home with gel - step-by-step instructions The gel is suitable for beginners to build, because it has one remarkable quality: when cured, it is leveled and eliminates minor flaws.

How to lengthen the legs at home

Long and slender legs - the dream of every woman, but not all from birth, it is given. Short legs are not uncommon, and this problem is relevant. Short legs are when the length is equal to or less than half the height of a person. If the legs are 8-9 cm or more longer than the body length - you can consider yourself a happy owner of long, model legs.

Long hair: haircuts, styling, wedding and evening hairstyles

Over time, fashion trends change, but long strands remain relevant. It is not surprising, because they define the elegant side of the female image. It is hard to disagree that the curls on long hair look incredible. Let's look at fashionable and stylish women's haircuts, styling and hairstyles for long hair.

How to quickly remove the second chin - exercises and video

Every girl wishes that there are no wrinkles, wrinkles and age spots on the neck. Over the years, the chin loses its shape and sags. The appearance of the problem spoils the life of even a slim and thin girl. For the sake of beauty and youth, you need to know how to remove the second chin at home in a short time.

Hair masks at home - 23 unique recipes

Shiny and silky curls were considered and are considered the standard of beauty and a symbol of the health of the owner. Women attach special importance to hairstyles, and well-groomed hair is an obligatory attribute of a lady. Each lady should be able to make masks to strengthen and grow hair at home. Moisturizing and nourishing masks to strengthen and grow hair Moisturizing, nourishing and strengthening - an important step in hair care.

Shugaring: how to make at home, recipes, benefits and results

Not every girl who takes care of herself has time or opportunity to visit beauty studios. Therefore, the question of how to make shugaring at home is relevant. 3 ways of applying shugaring Before you begin the process, thoroughly degrease and dry your skin. So the mixture will remove all the hairs. For this purpose suitable laundry soap.

How to reduce the calf on the legs for girls

Continuing a series of articles on body shaping, I’ll tell you how to quickly reduce calves on legs for girls at home. Consider effective exercises, techniques and tips coaches. General recommendations To take control of the increase in calves and take care of optimal conditions for volume reduction, follow a number of general recommendations.

How to properly and beautifully pluck the eyebrows at home

Expressive eyes - the key to success. Make-up, make-up and well-groomed eyebrows helps to make them so. I will tell you how to properly and beautifully pull out the eyebrows at home. Step-by-step plan of action. Choosing a form. Straight, rounded, broken or curved. Contact your beautician to choose the right option for your face.

How to choose a haircut for short hair

Hello dear readers! In the article I will discuss the popular women's haircuts for short hair, how to choose a fashionable haircut and how to take care of it at home. Ladies seeking to change the image, the article will tell a few ideas. How to choose a haircut for short hair A short haircut looks original and stylish against the background of what does not involve the huge time costs for styling and care.

Manicure: how to do, types, tools, video tips

Greetings to you ladies, women of fashion and beauties! Today I will tell you how to do a manicure at home. I think this question greatly worries girls seeking to look irresistible. Types of manicure Well-groomed marigolds - a pledge of female beauty. Beautiful manicure emphasizes elegance and accuracy of hands.

Face skin care after 25 years at home

The article takes a closer look at facial skin care after 25 years at home. Every young girl is well aware that cosmetics play an important role in this matter, but only a few know that the rules of success are the key to success. Where to start - general recommendations Now consider the general recommendations on how to care for your skin after 25 years.

The skin on the face is dry and peels off - what to do, causes, treatment

Greetings to you, dear ladies and beauties! In the article I will tell you what to do if the skin on the face is dry and peels off. Consider the causes, effective methods of treatment of folk remedies and prevention of the problem. Causes of dry skin on the face There are many factors that contribute to the appearance of dehydration and fat deficiency, which produce sebaceous glands.

How to get rid of acne scars at home

People with acne do the facial cleansing at home, which often leads to the appearance of scars. It is enough to do several wrong actions, and a bruise or a bruise immediately appears on the spot of the pimple. That is why the topic of how to get rid of acne scars on the face and body at home is relevant. Recipe with honey and beeswax against scars Use honey and beeswax to treat scars and scars.

How to make a haircut itself - step by step tips

Any woman wants to shine daily styling, but not everyone can constantly visit beauty salons. Therefore, the question of how to make the hair itself, is still open. Independent hairstyles for medium hair Life gives women a little time to put themselves in order. They go to work, solve everyday problems, and those few minutes of free time that remain are devoted to themselves.

How to get rid of black dots on the nose at home

Black dots are common acne that is not covered in skin. Since they have free access to air, oxidation of the outermost layer leads to darkening. It is bad for the beauty of the face. That is why many people are very interested in how to get rid of black dots on the nose at home. There are many popular techniques that cope with black dots.

How to paint eyes - step by step instructions and video

Eyes are considered a reflection of the soul, so they need constant care. Often women pay special attention to the eyes before any event - a corporate party, a date or going to a restaurant. And they are interested in how to paint eyes with shadows and a pencil at home. Paint your eyes with a pencil Drawing a pencil is a universal make-up technique that is easy to learn.

How to remove the sides

Many people have fat on their sides, which is not easy to get rid of. But, it is real. I will tell you in detail how to remove the sides at home. How to remove the sides and abdomen Many women are interested in the question of how to remove the sides and abdomen. And it is not surprising, because in the spring-summer season you want to look perfect.

How to become younger

The article is dedicated to people who wish to preserve youth. After carefully reading the story, you will understand how to become younger and more beautiful at home. How to become younger and more beautiful People after reaching a certain age begin to adhere to special rules of personal care. As practice shows, most of the principles are very outdated, such as pearl lipstick or permanent perm.

How to remove the stomach at home in a short time

Women like men with a relief press, and the strong sex loves a lady with a perfect figure. Many are interested in how to remove the stomach at home to a man and a woman. 3 exercises will help to remove the stomach for women and men. With the help of special physical exercises, fat deposits will go away, the abdominal muscles will strengthen, and beautiful shape will return.