How to quickly reduce blood sugar at home

Sugar - the main source of energy for humans. It enters the body with food rich in carbohydrates. In favorable conditions, complex carbohydrates (sugars) in the intestine are broken down into simple ones, and act as a substance called glucose, which enters the bloodstream and is further transported to individual cells and throughout the body.

How many calories to eat per day to lose weight

Not everyone who dreams of a beautiful and slim body knows and uses the method of counting calories of food consumed. Using this method in practice, you can eat with little or no restrictions, but in moderation. The correct calculation of calories for weight loss for women Calculated calories based on the nature of life.

Who needs to undergo dispensation in 2019

In 2013, a clinical examination began in Russia - this is a grand program that extends to citizens whose age has reached 21 years. In 2019, the program will continue. Paid or free program? The prophylactic medical examination program is free, but for this you will need a medical insurance policy in order to pass an examination at a clinic in your place of residence.

Cinnamon for adults and children - the power of the sun and the concentrate of joy

The warm, peaceful aroma of cinnamon brought her to the leaders of the most beloved spices. It was appreciated by the representatives of the ancient civilizations of China, India, Egypt, not only as a spice, but also as a powerful healing tool. She was even honored in Ayurveda, an Indian treatise on health. For women It has an antispasmodic effect, therefore it is recommended for painful menstruation.

Cold treatment with traditional methods and pharmaceutical preparations

The modern social world in order to achieve personal success requires high productivity and lightning reaction. But diseases that adversely affect all areas of life, prevent to become successful and happy. Why do we catch cold? The cause of respiratory diseases is a pathogenic virus that has entered the cells. In a healthy organism, an infection is imperceptibly destroyed by immunity, but in a weakened one, it quickly develops and spreads, causing the well-known cold.

How to lower cholesterol at home

Cholesterol is an important substance for the vital activity of the body, which is present in the cell membranes. But with an increase in the maximum permissible concentration, it can be hazardous to health, since with age its particles more and more settle on the vessels, and then crystallize, forming plaques. These formations reduce the lumen of blood vessels, deteriorate blood supply to vital organs, which leads to a number of diseases.

How to take chia seeds and what to cook with them

Chia seeds are popular among health-conscious people who lead an active lifestyle. These small grains cause keen interest due to a wide range of useful qualities. There is a lot of talk around them. So what is their benefit, how to apply them to achieve maximum effect? For women List briefly benefits for the female body is difficult.

Effective ways to clear the tongue of plaque

Clearing the tongue of plaque requires special attention. In time, the procedure is unfulfilled, threatens with bad breath and the development of disease. Known methods to cope with the problem at home - you can use both modern medicines and folk remedies.

The use of castor oil for beauty and health

Castor or ricin oil is a unique product, amazing properties of which are in demand in many industries from aircraft to food industry. It is obtained from the fruits of castor bean, a poisonous plant, noted in the Guinness Book of Records. Lethal dose is contained in all four seeds.

Planck: the simple secret of the sports body

Tightened, sporty figure is strongly associated with a successful and healthy person who is watching the appearance. It is no coincidence that fitness clubs grow by leaps and bounds and do not complain about the lack of customers. Preparation and precautions, contraindications Before proceeding to a more detailed account of the benefits of the exercise, we will focus on how to avoid harm that can be caused by improper performance.

Secrets of the use of tar soap at home

Tar is a product of wood pyrolysis (distillation), oily to the touch, dark brown or bluish. It contains volatile production, xylene, cresol, phenol, organic acids, as well as resin and is a natural antiseptic. From the bark of birch produces tar called "birch tar" or "Russian oil".

Effective methods of cleaning the bronchi and tonsils against sputum and mucus

The oral and nasal cavities of a person provide the intake of all that is needed for life: water, drink, air and food. It is impossible to imagine human life without these processes. From which they clean the bronchi and tonsils (glands). In response to the penetration of microorganisms and harmful substances into the respiratory tract, sputum and mucus begin to be strongly developed in them.

How to cleanse the body of parasites at home

Every third inhabitant of the earth is infected with parasites. They enter the body in various ways, sometimes causing serious illness. To avoid toxin poisoning, you must regularly cleanse the body, not only from slags, but also from pests. Types of parasites in the human body Ascarids and tapeworm settle in the body.

How to treat nail fungus at home

Nail fungus can deliver a lot of trouble, not only to an infected person, but also to his relatives. This disease is transmitted both through personal contact and in conditions of general life. This fact means only one thing - the fungus should be treated necessarily, and the measures should be comprehensive: if the problem arose on the nails, then it is also present on the skin of the legs.

How to deal with warts folk and medical methods

Warts are an unpleasant phenomenon. They appear suddenly and cause a lot of problems. The main cause of the problem is the ingestion of human papillomavirus. Scientists know more than 600 types that affect the skin and mucous membranes in humans. Some of them are harmless, others cause formation of lesions on the skin.

How to remove circles under the eyes at home

Dark circles under the eyes appear not only in women of age, but also in very young girls. Such a phenomenon may be the result of lack of sleep, kidney disease, with a constant stay at the computer or occur as a result of other reasons. How to remove the darkness under the eyes as quickly as possible and what to do to prevent its manifestation again?

Birch sap - when to collect, benefit and harm

Birch sap is a tasty and healthy drink. As the name implies, it is made of birch. The process itself is simple, if you follow some rules and recommendations to get a tasty drink, and do not harm the tree. How to collect the juice correctly - methods and devices People who understand this issue say that the juice of a birch of a mature age is sweeter than that of a young one.

What is hardening and how it is held

Hardening is a set of measures aimed at strengthening the body's resistance to adverse external conditions, immunity, improving thermoregulation, raising self-esteem, strengthening the power of the spirit. During tempering procedures, the protective barrier is increased several times, and upon the occurrence of critical conditions, a person is protected and easier to cope with illnesses and everyday difficulties.

How to learn to pull up on the bar - a step by step plan for beginners

Before you learn to pull up on the bar from scratch, you should ask two simple questions. First - what is a horizontal bar and where to get it? And the second - why is it necessary? By answering these questions, you can begin to train. Preparation and precautions Any new business begins with preparatory work and identifying possible hazards.