Kurds: who are, history, religion, area of ​​residence

Kurdistan is located in the southwest of Western Asia. Kurdistan is not a state, it is an ethnographic territory located in 4 different countries: in eastern Turkey, western Iran, northern Iraq and northern Syria. Religion and Language Nationality profess several different faiths. The largest part of the Kurds belong to the Islamic religion, but among them are Alawites, Shiites, Christians.

Cossacks - who are where they live, especially

The fate of the Cossacks - the heroic, bitter and tragic, still excites society. The basis of the life of an ethnic group living in former times on the outskirts of Russia and the Commonwealth are the firm foundations of Orthodoxy, patriotism, and respect for family traditions and foundations. The strength of these principles is confirmed by the centuries-old military service of the Cossacks, heroic acts, and folklore that has survived to our time.

List of things that can not be given

Gifts get nice, but they do not always have a positive value. Some have negative energy and are covered with the secret of people's signs and superstitions. What gifts can not be given, why and what to do if presented an undesirable thing, I will tell about it in the article. Opinion of the Church The Orthodox Church believes that it is not necessary to attach importance to various beliefs, therefore, from a religious point of view, you can present any gifts.

Comic predictions for the New Year

If you want to diversify the New Year's holiday, take care of entertainment. A great option - comic predictions for the New Year. Merry Christmas prophecies like family and friends. This game is suitable for corporate parties. I advise you to choose positive and good options so that no one is offended.

Signs and fortune telling for the old New Year

There is not a single person who would not like to know what will happen tomorrow, in a month, in a year ... All people strive to become masters of their destiny, and for this you need to have knowledge about the future. Knowing everything about the upcoming troubles and trials, you can arm in advance and meet the blows of fate fully armed. Unfortunately, knowing what will be, is not given, so people from antiquity have found ways of divination or deciphering the various signs and signs given by fate or Higher forces.

Good signs of the New Year - how to please fate

New Year's holidays - time to make plans. The thrilling moment of the second-hand jump to figure 12 is associated with a whole whirlwind of emotions and memories. Even the most inveterate materialist will falter at such a moment and make a wish secretly from everyone, even if he does not confess to anyone. After all, good hope is a property of every person.

Eastern horoscope for 2019

After a difficult period filled with alarming events, in 2019 most of us will breathe a sigh of relief. After all, the coming year of the Yellow Earth Pig will be favorable for almost all signs of the Chinese zodiacal calendar. However, in the beginning of the year some instability will be expected, which will soon be replaced by positive changes in all spheres of human life.

What is estuary and how does it differ from delta

When considering large freshwater bodies, it is necessary to find out what the estuary is. The term refers to the final stretch of the river, the shape of which resembles a funnel. The mouth of such a reservoir consists of one arm and becomes wider towards the sea. Classification Scientists distinguish these formations depending on the circulation of water and the geological structure of the soil.

Horoscope for 2019 for all signs of the zodiac

The patron saint of 2019 will be the Yellow Earth Pig (Boar). The pig is the final sign that closes the cycle of the eastern horoscope. What does it mean? It's time to sum up, analyze what has been done, complete what has been started. The symbol of the year will make unexpected changes in many areas of life, but at the same time it will help to normalize interpersonal relations, which is very important for achieving the goals set.

Filumenia: a 200-year history of collecting

A lot of ordinary objects surround a person in the bustle of everyday life. But a nondescript badge, coin, or inconspicuous mark has its own, sometimes exciting story. A matchbox with a distinctive label - the “tamed fire” vault, can tell about the history of the country in the period when it was released.

What is ohaben and why he was loved in Russia

More and more people are interested in the history of Russia. More often, questions were asked about what our ancestors wore and how. For many, the meaning of the word "ohaben" is not familiar. This is a Russian word for garment from the 15th to the 18th centuries. Etymology associates it with the word "encase", which means embrace, embrace.

Learn to quickly weave baubles from ribbons, threads and beads

Baubles first appeared among Indian tribes in North America. This accessory served not only as an ornament, but was also a protector from dark forces. Now they are almost all. This beautiful attribute emphasizes the individuality of the owner, especially if done by hand. Weaving does not take much time, and can be an exclusive gift for the second half, younger brother or sister.

What is payol and where it is applied

Payol (sometimes there are forms of "pael", "payol"), or slan - removable flooring, most often of wood, placed on the bottom of ships, boats. Wooden The easiest and cheapest option. Represent a flooring of slats, plywood, sheathed with waterproof fabric. Differ in the small weight, simplicity of assembly. You can make artisanal way.

Spinner - a popular toy of our time

Spinner is a modern toy that gained popularity just a couple of years ago. She likes both adults and children. About what species are and how they affect the human psyche, you can learn from this article. What is the spinner for and who created it? When the toy became popular and extremely in demand, the question suddenly arose: "Who is the author of the product?

Is a wolf a terrible beast or a calculating animal?

For most people, a wolf is not just a wild animal, but an archetypal image familiar from childhood. He became a character in fairy tales by chance. People have long feared and revered this beast. They frightened disobedient children with a wolf, called the elder brother of a man, composed fairy tales and legends about him. Ancestors of wolves and evolution The likely ancestor of the modern wolf is Canis lepophagus.

How to learn to dance lezginka at home

Lezginka is a folk dance of the indigenous people of the Caucasus, the embodiment of the national culture. Passionate, magical movements to incendiary music, lively emotions and a confident look of a man, gentle movements of a girl: all this constitutes the uniqueness of the Lezghins magical action. Differences in lezginka in different nations In addition to the classical version of the lezginka, there are a number of dances, somewhat different from the traditional: Chechen; Karachay dance; Islamey Kabardians; Three-pair Ossetian Lezginka.

How to develop fast counting skills? Tips for all ages

In the past century, teaching methods for such professions as an economist, salesman, merchandiser, and teacher of primary school arithmetic are erased from the memory of society, like remnants of the Soviet past. But they had a lot of useful things. In particular, such exercises, which intensified brain activity, developed logical thinking, using both hemispheres of the brain in order to find optimal solutions to mathematical problems and be able to count in mind quickly.