How to cook real Uzbek beef pilaf

How to make pilaf so that it becomes an ornament of the table, and not the usual rice porridge with meat? It's simple! You need to know the subtleties of cooking, which for centuries practiced by Oriental craftsmen. Classic crumbly beef pilaf in a frying pan Ingredients: beef - 0.6 kg; 1 onion; rice - 0.45 kg; 1 carrot; salt to taste; spice; oil - 110 ml; garlic - a couple of cloves.

How to make condensed milk at home

Condensed milk is loved by many, and this is not accidental, it is tasty and is inexpensive. However, many manufacturers add preservatives and non-natural ingredients to it, which can be easily avoided when cooking at home. Caloric content of homemade condensed milk Condensed milk contains a high content of carbohydrates in the composition of milk fat and protein.

How much and how to cook chicken

Cooking chicken only at first glance seems to be a simple matter. To make the dish tasty, satisfying and healthy, you need to know a few culinary tricks about cutting, processing and cooking methods of chicken. It is also important to carefully monitor the process of thermal action on the product, because it takes different time to cook a certain part of the carcass.

How to cook pork knuckle in the oven

Oven-baked pork knuckle is a fragrant, toning-up dish for real men. It is quite simple to prepare it, even an unsophisticated person in culinary basics can handle it. The dish is well suited for a friendly male meeting, especially in a duet with a few bottles of cold beer. It will also be appropriate when meeting a tete-a-tete and, if the expression that the path to the heart of a man lies through the stomach, then you are on the right path!

Juicy, bright, fragrant chicken chakhokhbili at home

Chakhokhbili is not only a famous dish, it is a special pride of Georgian cuisine, when with the help of spices and herbs, ordinary chicken with vegetables turns into a masterpiece. Prepare you traditional Georgian dish at home, and let the aroma of spices fill your home. It is simpler than simple to cut the bird into portions, first separating the wings, then the legs, the latter divided into three pieces, the white meat divided into six parts.

How to clean fresh and frozen shrimp

Seafood is an invertebrate animals caught in the world's oceans. They are considered delicacies that serve both as a separate dish and as an additional ingredient. One such product is shrimp, which nutritionists recommend to use instead of animal meat. How to quickly clean frozen shrimp How to clean fresh shrimp we have disassembled.

The most popular cooking recipes for mussels

Decades ago, mussels rarely fell on the table of the average family because they were considered a delicacy. Today, this seafood is available to many. Bivalve mollusks are found in almost all corners of the oceans. In some countries, created a special farm for growing mussels. In the article I will review the best recipes for the preparation of this valuable representative of marine fauna.

How to cook tasty and crumby chicken pilaf at home

Chicken pilaf is a tasty dish for dinner or lunch with a harmonious taste and a memorable aroma. It is easy to do at home, if you know a few tricks and choose the right products. The pilaf cooked according to the correct recipe will appeal to households, including young children.

Salad "Sunflower" with chips - 6 recipes

One of the favorite and beautiful salads on the holiday table is considered to be the Sunflower salad, due to its unique taste and original presentation. Children especially like it because of the presence of chips in the classic recipe. This, of course, is not the most useful product, but for a change in a holiday, you can pamper your family as an exception.

How to bake carp entirely and slices

Carp - a type of freshwater fish of the carp family. It has a juicy, dense, slightly sweet meat. It can be cooked, steamed, fried and baked. Using any method, an excellent dish is obtained, since the meat of the carp has a pleasant taste. Calorie baked carp Calorie fresh carp is 97 kcal per 100 grams, and differs depending on the type.

The bounty of taste, or how to cook acaca of pita

In cooking, acchma is a dish made of thin pita with layers of cheese. This is a beautiful-looking and hearty cake. Salty varieties are used for the filling, the dough itself is bland, mostly sponge. Making a dish does not require great culinary skills, but there are some secrets that the hostess should take into account.

How to bake dorado in the oven

Dorado fish or sea crucian lives in subtropical and tropical waters. The main distribution area is the eastern Atlantic, the Mediterranean Sea. In cooking, use samples from 500 to 700 grams. Although in nature there are also giant fish. In the wild habitat, the dorado has a bright color, shimmers in green, blue, gold, red.

We bake cutlets in the oven - tasty and healthy!

Cutlet - one of the most common dishes that are prepared at home, in cafes and restaurants. Initially, the cutlet was not Russian pudding, but in Russia it was borrowed from France. Preparation for baking Stuffing is better to cook at home. It is recommended to mix the prepared base thoroughly. Preferably, before making cutlets, hold the minced meat for 20-30 minutes in the refrigerator.

Pork ribs in the oven - recipes and cooking details

Prepare delicious pork ribs - the whole art. This juicy and aromatic dish will not leave anyone indifferent, because it is marinated in special sauces and marinades, and then goes to stew in the oven in its own juice. Calorie Meat Pork is rich in healthy substances that are necessary for the normal functioning of the body.

Roasted Cauliflower: quick, tasty and healthy

In the list of the most useful vegetables one of the leading positions is cauliflower. It contains many useful macro-and microelements, vitamins H, E, K, C. Vegetable is popular among people on a diet: with all its nutritional value, it is low-calorie, promotes healthy digestion, and has a beneficial effect on the intestinal microflora.

How to cook pilaf from pork in a pan, pan, cauldron, multicooker

This pilaf is a tasty dish that can be served for a family dinner or a special dinner. Cooked with the addition of different types of meat, but only pork makes it juicy and crumbly. All housewives know that there are features in the preparation of this dish. Failure to follow the recommendations, time intervals, pre-treatment of products can spoil it, so all the tips are better to follow.

How to cook Peking Cabbage Salad

Recently, Beijing cabbage was considered a "wonder" on the shelves of stores. But thanks to the selection and breeding of new varieties, vegetables were grown in the European climate. Now the product is firmly established its position in the market and in the diet. At home they prepare a lot of various and tasty dishes, including salads.

How to cook pea soup with smoked ribs

Having a whole glass of peas and some smoked ribs, you can serve the soup until you get bored. But it will not be possible to cook quickly, as it will have to be soaked for several hours in order to quickly and easily boil down. The beauty of this legume is that the taste goes well with smoked meats. Technology Peas soak in cool water for 6-8 hours.

Funchoza with vegetables and chicken - homemade recipes

Asian cuisine is original. One of the unusual dishes is bean noodle "Funchoza". There are many recipes for cooking funchoses at home, because it belongs to universal products, and is combined with various spices, vegetables, poultry, meat. How to cook Funchoza can be used in the preparation of first, second courses, salads or side dishes.

How to cook soup of fresh and sauerkraut

Primordially Russian classic soup was cooked from fresh or sour cabbage. They are so good that you can add the one in the fridge. And one more important point: the soup must be thick, so that the spoon “stands”. How to choose and shred cabbage A great choice - a strong autumn head with dense leaves.