How to cook potato pancakes

One of the most delicious dishes that glorify Belarusian cuisine is potato pancakes. The recipe, due to originality, has scattered around the world, and even children will cope with its simple preparation. Of course, the potato dish has undergone many innovations, and today the chefs are surprised with products with meat, cheese, mushrooms, and lean vegetarian options.

How to cook delicious hot sandwiches in the oven

Modern life has a fast pace, so there is not always time to cook a full meal. People are increasingly in order to satisfy their hunger, use a variety of snacks, especially popular - hot sandwiches in the oven. For their preparation does not take much time, and you can use almost any products.

How to cook chicken hearts tasty and easy

By-products are not popular just because not everyone knows how to cook them. Chicken hearts are inexpensive, they are available for everyone. With some culinary experience, they make delicious dishes. In addition, they are rich in amino acids, vitamins and minerals and are ideal for those who prefer healthy food and diets.

How to cook fruit and berries compote for the winter

Compote is a drink, the main ingredients of which are berries, fruits, water and sugar. The technology of its preparation differs, depending on the type of fruit used. For example, soft berries and fruits can lose their shape if the heat-treatment time is not followed, and berries that contain bones are pre-prepared.

Menu and step-by-step recipes for the New Year 2019

New Year holidays are coming. This means that soon a new stage will begin in everyone’s life. It is important to prepare for this event in advance. Interior decoration, buying gifts, drawing up a festive menu - an incomplete list of tasks that each hostess has to solve. Therefore, I dedicate today's article to New Year's dishes in 2019 and the proper laying of the festive table.

How to beautifully decorate a cake for the New Year

Festive dishes want to cook not only tasty, but also beautiful. We pay special attention to desserts and cakes, trying to create a real confectionery masterpiece. This is true in 2019, as the mistress of the year - Yellow Earth Pig is an incredible esthete. So, decorating the cakes: how to decorate the original New Year's baking to surprise everyone at the holiday table?

How to cook pizza in the oven - 4 step by step recipe

Pizza ... Do not find a man who is not familiar with it. A dish of different types of dough, with an incredible amount of toppings, she conquered a lot of hearts. And I love pizza. The only thing I prefer is the homemade dish baked in the oven. Classic thin pizza dough - step-by-step instruction Pizza on a thin pastry according to the classic recipe is prepared sequentially in several stages.

The best snacks for the New Year's table in 2019

Unusual and tasty snacks - an indispensable attribute of the New Year's table in 2019. Poultry meat and fish in various forms - from sandwiches to rolls, mini jellied meat, chicken juliens, canapés with meatballs and tartlets with red caviar will occupy a worthy place on the festive table. The best sandwiches and sandwiches for the New Year's table For the New Year's table in 2019, it is better to choose the original sandwiches, special ingredients, interesting names.

Delicious and simple salads for the New Year 2019

The 2019 year of the Yellow Earthen Pig is coming, everyone is waiting with special excitement. In the festive evening fulfilled the most secret desires. If you decide to gather best friends at home, cover a rich table. Feast will be successful if you choose the right dishes. Each housewife pays special attention to salads, because you really want to please the guests with something new.

How to bake cupcakes and muffins at home

Muffins and muffins are desserts made from sponge cake or with yeast. In many nationalities, they are a symbol of Christmas and wedding. Inside the baking put raisins, walnuts, jam and candied fruits, sprinkled with vanilla or powdered sugar. Muffins - small versions of muffins for one portion, baked in molds.

Recipes tasty and simple desserts for the New Year

Meeting of the New Year in most families is considered one of the main events for which they carefully prepare. An important task is to set the table. Traditional New Year's meals and favorite dishes of family members are served for the holiday. Also on the menu include a variety of sweets and desserts. Cooking takes a lot of time, so the housewives are looking for an opportunity to speed up the work.

Mistress pumpkin in the oven with slices and whole

Many legends and myths associated with the pumpkin. In Laos, there is a legend that the magic bird warned the family about the impending Flood. People hid in a big pumpkin, and because of this they were saved. When the water was gone, the seeds were planted in the ground, and from the fruit, instead of seeds, people grew. Preparing for baking Baking is the best way to get delicious diet meals and preserve healthy substances.

How to bake eggplant in the oven

Eggplant (in common "blue") is a source of fiber, phosphorus, iron and potassium. Due to the minimum fat content, these vegetables are ideal for a healthy diet, but their benefits directly depend on the cooking method. For example, if you fry a large amount of oil, then they should not be called light and dietary foods.

Delicious and healthy baked vegetables in the oven

To preserve health for many years, a person must include in the menu raw vegetables, and cooked in various ways. They are especially useful and tasty in baked form. There are many recipes for baked vegetable dishes at home, which will be useful to every hostess. Baked vegetables in the oven - a classic recipe Ingredients: Bulgarian pepper: green, red and yellow, 1 piece each.

Delicious pumpkin dishes in a slow cooker and in the microwave

Pumpkin can rightly be called a unique product, which contains all the necessary nutrients for humans. Dishes from such a miracle vegetable are a real find for people who suffer from diseases of the stomach and heart. We bake a pumpkin in a slow cooker. Modern housewives are increasingly using a slow cooker, so there are quite a few recipes adapted for this household appliance.

How to cook a real Caucasian khachapuri at home

Bread cakes are very popular all over the world. Most often they are baked in the countries of Asia and the Middle East. But thanks to their taste, they can not leave anyone indifferent. One of the most favorite types of such baking is the Caucasian khachapuri. Basic secrets and cooking technology Some argue that real cheesecake can be tasted only in its homeland, the Caucasus.

Dumplings in the oven: from classics to new flavors

Dinner in the middle of the week should be easy to prepare, because it is unlikely that anyone would spend the whole evening at the stove at the end of the working day. The first thing that comes to mind is to get another pack of ravioli out of the fridge. But, once it turns out that in the traditional supply, semi-finished products are already fed up. Well, there is a way out of this situation.

Six delicious stuffed pepper recipes for the whole family.

Sweet pepper is created to be stuffed and baked in the oven. Purified from the seeds, it resembles a pot. You can fill it with any filling. To do this, you need meat, vegetables, mushrooms, cereals, herbs and spices. I advise you to buy even fruits of a suitable size so that the filling can be placed in them. You can use multi-colored pods for stuffing, which look very impressive when served to the table.

How to cook pork chops in the oven

Pork chops are a popular and very tasty dish. It is easy to cook, and the appearance is quite suitable for a simple dinner, and for the holiday table. The easiest way to cook at home is to bake in the oven when less oil is used, which will affect the caloric content of the finished dish.

What to cook from minced meat - snacks, main dishes, quick recipes

From ground beef you can cook hundreds of dishes at home, there would be a desire. They are prepared in every home, and each hostess has their own signature recipe. Mince meat cakes cutlets, meatballs, meatballs, dumplings, klopsa, chops and jacks. There are lots of options. Technology Freshly bought or thawed piece of meat after thawing, rinse with water and separate the pulp from the bones.