Oatmeal cookies - a cozy delicacy for homemade breakfast

Everyone knows about the benefits of oatmeal for breakfast. Dishes from this cereal are well absorbed by the body, provide a feeling of satiety for a long time. You can take advantage of the experience of the inhabitants of Foggy Albion and cook classic porridge every morning. An alternative would be cooking homemade oatmeal cookies.

How to cook a juicy and tasty pork kebab in the oven

The word kebab is associated with nature. It so happened that the dish is usually prepared when the family or friendly company goes into the woods, to the river, to the country or just to nature. Such a holiday without barbecue is not enough. Yes, and the smell of the dish captures smoke from the fire or barbecue. Preparation for cooking In order to properly and tasty cook the kebabs in the oven at home, you should carefully prepare.

I love you - cottage cheese! Simple snacks, pastries and sweet food.

Cottage cheese is a universal fermented milk product. And already for this it is worth loving him, even without taking into account useful properties. From it, you can easily prepare a sauce, salad, snack, cake, dessert. You can choose a dish not only for sweet teeth, but also for those who do not particularly like curd dishes. There are even those where the additional ingredients change their usual taste in such a way that they cannot immediately determine what they are made of.

How to cook chicken kebab in the oven

With the onset of warm days, starving for the winter by the sun, people are drawn to nature. What could be better than a kebab in the open air? But it is not always possible to leave a stuffy apartment. And I really want to feel the holiday and “burst” meat. Here comes the oven to the rescue. A fragrant, baked kebab will delight you and loved ones.

What to bake from kefir quickly and tasty

Kefir - one of those dairy products, which is always in the fridge of any hostess. Taking it as a basis, you can whip up a different snack at home. Meals with kefir are traditional for Slavic peoples, so I will consider the secrets and nuances of such dishes. Cupcake Ingredients: Egg - 3 pcs.

How to cook pasties with meat at home

Chebureks came to us from Asia. Translated from the Crimean Tatar, the word means "raw pie". The dish has changed little since ancient times: it is still the same large flat pie of unleavened dough with meat filling, designed for frying. Stuffing The composition of minced meat can be different, but I use the classic one.

Quick ways to peel a pumpkin

Pumpkin - the queen of autumn. The gourd plant is rich in vitamins, minerals. She is considered a valuable fruit for the manufacture of culinary masterpieces. The softness and unique taste will add to any dish originality. It takes a lot of time to prepare pumpkins, which is unacceptable for most housewives. There are several ways to help cope with the problem and speed up the process.

How to bake a rabbit in the oven - 6 step-by-step recipes

Rabbit meat is considered the most dietary among other varieties. It is recommended to replace fatty meat with rabbit meat. Due to the fact that the product retains its beneficial qualities with a gentle heat treatment, it is included in the medical nutrition. The classic recipe for roasting in sour cream Rabbit meat in sour cream sauce is tender and fragrant.

How to cook cauliflower in the oven

Cauliflower - a source of useful ingredients and vitamins. The protein content in it is several times higher than in the white one. It has a lot of useful macro and microelements. For example, the iron content in it is more than in peas, lettuce or pepper. Due to the presence of tartronic, malic, citric acid, as well as pectin and enzymes, it is necessary to maintain health.

Cooking exquisitely: dishes in pots, baked in the oven

Every housewife knows that the success of a cooked dish depends not only on the quality of its ingredients and cooking technology, but also largely on the way it is served. Sandwiches look best on small skewers, cocktails - in crystal glasses, and baked products - in ceramic pots.

How to clean beef and pork tongue after cooking

Cooks appreciate beef tongue and dishes prepared from it. It is usually boiled, and then pickled or added to salads. The main thing during heat treatment is to preserve the good. Preparation for cooking Language can be bought on the market or in the store. When buying, appreciate the color, freshness. Quality meat of pink or purple hue - the richer the color, the more vitamins, especially zinc.

Lamb chops in the oven - dishes for real gourmets

Lamb is a very delicate kind of meat. She is often disliked because of the peculiar aroma, which is not to everyone's taste. But if you get down to business with the desire and properly cook, any meat gourmet will appreciate the quality of the dish. Cooking technology Lamb chops are often used in both everyday and high cooking.

Cooking juicy and tasty beef steak according to different recipes

A man who is in "sane and sober memory" refuses juicy steak, covered with an appetizing fried crust, still need to search. Initially, as the name implies (beef - beef + steak - piece), the dish was prepared only from specially selected whole meat tenderloin. Preparation for cooking In order to savorly cook steak (steak) at home you do not need to be a cooking professor.

Cooking classic and diet pike in the oven

Pike is a cunning predatory fish, which is not easy to catch. If lucky, every fisherman is proud of it and gladly carries the trophy home. Especially popular is baked whole pike. It will be the highlight of the festive table. Carcass processing Before preparing a fish dish, it is important to properly process the carcass.

Popular Avocado Cooking Recipes

Avocado is one of the most famous and used tropical fruits, which is saturated with a huge amount of various vitamins and minerals. The story of its appearance begins a thousand years before our era, and the plant’s birthplace is South America. Today it is grown in many countries with a tropical and subtropical climate.

How to cook buckwheat on water

Buckwheat or Greek wheat is one of the most popular types of whole grains that has been consumed by humanity since ancient times. Krupa received this name from the Slavs in the 7th century, when it was brought from Byzantium. The content of a huge amount of useful substances that a person needs at any age, allows you to call buckwheat "the queen of cereals", and enter into the diet of people who need a diet food.

How to cook a cake Napoleon at home

Our favorite dessert is popular in many countries. Only the name is different everywhere, and there is a difference depending on the taste preferences and traditions of the people. A piece of puff cake with fragrant butter cream becomes an indispensable attribute of a friendly tea party or some holiday. The classic recipe for cake Napoleon At the mere mention of the cake "Napoleon", the taste buds begin to feel a delicate, crunchy delicacy with vanilla cream.

Homemade bread - the secrets of cooking in the oven

The rapid flow of life and the lack of high-quality food on the shelves revive the traditions of the past. People tend to the living fire of candles and fireplaces, hand made clothes and household items became a sign of good taste and individual style, organic foods and home cooking are now valued above fast food.

Baked fish in the oven - simple and original

Fish dishes are widely known for healing properties and special taste. There is hardly a person who does not like seafood. Seafood is well digested and rich in healthy fatty acids, vitamins and microelements. Fish has become an indispensable part of the medical menu, as it helps normalize the functions of the thyroid gland and has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system.